The flag of Mouzilo Empire in which most of the Mouzeliot people live
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Αμ 125 (Mouzilo Federal Region)
Αμ 196 (Kormenia Federal Region)
Αμ 698 (New Herakleia Autonomous Republic)
Αμ 3 (Emmanouilple Federal Unit aka House of Athens )
Αμ 3 (House of the Prime Federal Unit)
Αμ 1 (Autonomous Republic of Mouzeliot Hasanistan/Virgo)
Flag of Greece approx. 100 (There is not any exact number of the population/They live mostly near Brahami Area, Athens)
Flag of the United States approx. 50 (There is not any exact number of the population/The live nostly in Chicago, Illinois)
Hasanistan 1
Nicflag2 1
210px-Flag of Ladonia with contours.svg 1

Greek, Mouzeliot language, Mintzilitzish Language, Nyclonese, Hasanistani, others (mainly those of Greek descent who are assimilated)


mostly Eastern Orthodox Christianity
(Greek Orthodox Church)
(Other religions are common too)

The Mouzeliots (aka Mouziliots, Mouzilians), are an ethnic group native to Mouzilo Empire, Greece and other regions. They also have a significant diaspora in other micronations, such as Nyclos and the Republic of Hasanistan but also in macronations such as the United States of America.

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