Møzälyotø Lyŋøaä
Μouzeliot Language Flag
Mouzeliot language flag
Pronunciation Mözeliotö Lingöae
Created by HIH, Emperor of Mouzilo, Manu II
Era January 11, 2013-present
constructed language
  • Italic
    • Latino-Faliscan
      • Latin
        • Mouzeliot
Dialects Simplified Mouzeliot
Graeko-Mouzeliot (Γʁaäko-Møzälyotø)
Writing system Mouzeliot Alphabet (Møzälyotø Ħabäʃäɗaryømø)
Official status
Official language in Αμ
Regulated by MLRS (Mouzeliot Language Research Society)
Language codes
ISO 639-1 MZ

The Mouzeliot language (Møzälyotø Lyŋøaä,mözeliotö linguae in Mouzeliot) is an artificial language, spoken natively in 2 out of the 6 parts of Mouzilo Empire. It was created on  January 11th 2013, by HIH Emperor Manu I. Mouzeliot is an official language in Mouzilo and one of the official languages in MPG.

Alphabet, rules and word formationEdit

The language is based on both Latin grammar and vocabulary. However, some modifications to Latin, create the different and unique Mouzeliot language.


Mouzeliot Abecedarium

Majuscule forms (also called uppercase or capital letters)
Minuscule forms (also called lowercase or small letters)
a b γ ɗ ä f ħ y j k l m n o p q ʁ ʃ t ø v w x z ŋ ȼ

The Mouzeliot language has 26 letters that form its alphabet (Møzälyotø Ħabäʃäɗaryømø). Some letters have the same pronunciation as in English, but others have a different way of pronouncing them. Here's a list of their pronunciation:

  • Γγ replaces Gg, but it is pronounced like it.
  • Ɗɗ replaced Dd and Th and it is pronounced like "th" in the word "the".
  • Ää replaces Ee and it is pronounced in the same way with German.
  • Ħħ replaces Hh and it is pronounced like a soft H
  • Yy replaces Ii, but it is pronounced like it.
  • Ʀʁ replaces Rr and it is pronounced like a soft R
  • Σʃ replaces Ss and Cc and it is pronounced like a soft S (like s in the word "see")
  • Øø replaces Uu, Ou and Oo. It is pronounced like Öö.
  • Ŋŋ is an extra letter, and it is used instead of "ng".
  • Ȼȼ is an extra letter and it is used like "ch" in the word cheese.

The rest of the alphabet is pronounced like in English.


The rules for the word formation in Mouzeliot, are the following:

  • Words that begin in an A, an Ä or an O, take a Ħ in front. Example: Ħäjøʃø.
  • Words that begin in an Ø or Y, take an apostrophe (') in front. For example: 'ympäʁyømø.
  • Words that end in m, ʃ or t, take an ø in the end. Example: mämoʁanɗømø.
  • Words that end in o, ø, ä or y, take an a in the end. Example: mäa
  • Words that and in an a, take a "ä" in the end. Example: Ʀozaä
  • Words that are formed by a single letter (ex. ä, in Latin e) remained unchanged. Names remain unchanged too, in matters of not adding a suffix to the word.

Word FormationEdit

So, having studied the alphabet and the rules, can somebody form a sentence. To do that, he simply needs to take the Latin version of it and convert it into Mouzeliot, using the rules above. For example, the sentence "Regina rosas amat" becomes "Ʀäγynaä ʁoʃaʃø ħamatø", "E pluribus Unum" becomes "Ä pløʁybøʃø Ønømø" etc.

Protection and study of the languageEdit

The language is protected by the law 001/2013 which states that any alteration, without the permission of the Government, is punished legally. Also the destruction of it is punished, too. The main research and improvement center for the language is the newly found "Mouzeliot Language Research Society" abbreviated MLRS, lead by HIH Emperor Manu II and President Dimitris Tsailas.

See AlsoEdit

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