The Mouzilo National Football Team was founded the 9th of September and its goal is to promote football amongs the Kingdom of Mouzilo .

Mouzilo National Football Team (Ethniki Omadha Podhosfaitou Mouzilou)
Nickname(s) The Emperors (I autokratores), The Phoenix (I finikes), The Orange (I portokali)
Association Mouzilo Imperial Sports Association
Confederation None
Head coach Dimitrios Tsailas
Captain TBA
Most Cap TBA
Top scorer Manu II (5 goals)
Home stadium Mouzilo National Stadium
Kit left arm.png
Kit body.png
Kit right arm.png
Kit shorts.png
Kit socks long.png
Home colors
Kit left arm.png
Kit body.png
Kit right arm.png
Kit shorts.png
Kit socks long.png
Away colours
First international
Mouzilo Empire-Greece's Amateur Team
Biggest win
Biggest defeat

Macronational Games

Mouzilo has played 3 games with a macronational team:

Game 1:Untitled-3 Mouzilo 5-2 Greece's amateur football team Greece-logo in Mouzilo

Game 2:Greece-logo Eurytania's amateur football team (Greece) 7-3 Mouzilo Untitled-3 in Karpenisi

Game 3:Greece-logo Klausio (Greece) 1-2 Mouzilo Untitled-3 in Karpenisi

Micronational Games

Mouzilo has played 4 games with a micronational team:

Game:4 Untitled-3 Mouzilo 2-2 Hasanistan HasanistanFootballTeam

Game:5 HasanistanFootballTeam Hasanistan 3-3 Mouzilo Untitled-3

Game:6 Untitled-3 Mouzilo 0-0 Hasanistan HasanistanFootballTeam

Game:6 Untitled-3 Mouzilo 4-1 Hasanistan HasanistanFootballTeam

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