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Flag Mustachistanflag
Official language English
Denonym Mustachistani
Founded 2006
Location Nevada
Head of State Sultan Ali-Ali Achsenfree

Mustachistan is a micronation that claims a large portion of land in Nevada. It claims to have existed since 1718, though the majority of this history is fictitious. Mustachistan, founded by a former associate of President Kevin Baugh of Molossia, went to war with the nearby micronation because of a conflict of claims of land. Molossia was decidedly victorious after just three battles. The two countries then maintained diplomatic relations, if somewhat strained, until Mustachistan fell into dormancy sometime soon after March 2007.


According to Mustachistanis, Mustachistan was founded in 1718 by Sultan Ibn Tutin. Tutin and his family journeyed around the world searching for a place to live. Their first location was attacked by Schlepistan over a dispute regarding goat's milk, a major commodity in the region. After their defeat, the Mustachistani refugees boarded the S.S. Rustbukit to Nevada, where they are established today in the Nevada desert.

Space exploration

On November 12, 2006, Mustachistan launched the Goatshead rocket, followed by an inflammatory speech by Sultan Ali-Ali Achsenfree. Soon after, the missile was destroyed by Molossians. This is now referred to as the Mustachistan Missile Crisis in Molossia, and it contributed to the building friction that caused the Mustachistan-Molossia War

Mustachistan-Molossia War

For Information: Molossia-Mustachistan War

Hamlinian-Mustachistan War

Information Found At : Hamlinian-Mustachistani War

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