FNV Ranger Patch
New Soviet Republic Rangers are an elite outfit of the New Soviet Republic Military. The rangers are a volunteer special force renowned as much for their shrewd reconnaissance capabilities as their bravery and combat prowess


The rangers are recruited from the best of the NSR military and even then, 80% do not finish training and drop out. Those that finish and are awarded the badge have proven that they are "quieter than a shadow and deadlier than a Bear."

In order to fulfill thier objectives they employ the best equipment available in the NSR and use sometimes unorthodox tactics to completes thier assigned objectives at all costs. As well as being elite soldiers, many operate with the SIA as spies, and may sometimes be used in police work.


The rangers were founded by Commander Hunter F. Johnson during the Great Civil War, when they were simply his elite bodyguard pledged to defend him with thier very lives. After the war was over they went on to form what they are known as today, the NSR Rangers.

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