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NZRE Empire

Pax Juvat Amantes
(English: Peace Helps The Loving Ones)

March On
March on, oh, NZRE Empire, in the joyful throng, uphold the right and right the wrong, where only peace and love belong!
Capital city Zulus
Official language(s) English (NZRE Dialect)
Official religion(s) Any are accepted
Demonym Nzrite (/nzˈrt/), Nzreli (/nzˈr.l/)
Government Constitutional monarchy
- Emperor - Emperor Nathan, Emperor Zack
Legislature NZRE Parliament
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 2
- Last election - Sunday, August 7, 2016
Established Thursday, August 4, 2016
Area claimed 1283 m2 (13,808 feet2)
Population 15
Currency NZRE Credit
Time zone UTC - 8
National dish Watermelon
National drink Watermelon juice
National animal Felis catus (Domestic Cat)
Internet Domain .zn (proposed)

NZRE (/nəˈzɜr/) or the NZRE Empire is a very small micronation consisting of two territories spread about a ten-minute drive from one to another. These territories together make Kelvia, NZRE's capital province, which contains Zulus (/zəˈlʌs/, /ˈz.ləs/), the capital city.



The NZRE Empire was founded on Thursday, August 4, 2016, by Emperor Nathan and Emperor Zack. It was founded after 4 years planning. It has one city, and two districts within that city- West Zulus and East Zulus.


The NZRE Empire is located in Fremont, California, United States of America. It has plans to move to Akureyri, Iceland in the future (2030).

NZRE West Zulus Border

NZRE Border with the USA in West Zulus.

Most of its territory is in Minecraft (see below).


The future of the NZRE Empire is a vision devised by the two Emperors- a peace-loving state that has acquired land through methods of peace in which no one was harmed. NZRE hopes to move to Iceland and expand its territory and population to achieve recognition from a sovereign nation. The Emperors also plan to apply for membership in the United Nations in the future.

Airline- Plans for a national airline are in place from Act 5. The airline is to be called "NZRE Airways" and has no route, destination, or fleet plans yet. This plan is unlikely to be realized but is estimated to become a potential reality (if national growth does occur) in 25-35 years.

Public Transit- Once the empire has expanded a substantial amount (likely to take 15-20 years), a public transit system plan is in place from the Act 6. This plan includes plans for a small fleet of fully electric buses with national branding. The transit system will be called "NZRE Transit Authority" ("NTA" for short).


The NZRE Empire has a small number of services including; law enforcement, community service, and treasury. The NZRE law enforcement service is known as the NZRE Security Agency, or NSA, and is a part of the Ministry of Defense, it handles border security, immigration checkpoints, and enforces NZRE law. The NSA hopes to evolve into a full police service in the future. In addition to the NSA, the NZRE Empire has two ministries that are actively providing service- Community Service and Treasury. Community Service does exactly what the name suggests- services the community; build and design park, organize community events, etc.

Legal Status

As of now, the NZRE Empire is recognized only by other micronations:

Name Flag
New Empire of Japan Newjapanflag
Kingdom of Tzedek Koc flag
Chicagoland Federation CLF flag
Republic of Molossia Molossia flag
Federal Republic of Pumland Flag of State 3
Empire of Skywalkistan Flag of the Empire of Skywalkistan


The government of the NZRE Empire is set up with three branches- Imperial,

Parliament Chamber in East Zulus.

Parliamentary and Judicial. The Imperial branch consists of the two heads of state and the cabinet. The Parliamentary branch contains Parliament, the law-

The Imperial Chamber in East Zulus.

making body. Last, but not least, the Judicial branch consists of High Courts and Courts, which sentence law-breakers to punishment, settle disputes, and handle lawsuits.

Government Vehicles- In accordance with Act 4, all government-owned vehicles are either hybrid or fully electric powered. No government vehicle will ever be run on gasoline or hydrogen. NZRE believes in a clean Lendus Prime, thus, this act is strictly enforced. All personal vehicles owned by members of government do not apply.


Currently, the empire has no military or armed forces. Technically, this leaves the country defenseless in the event of an invasion, however, considering the size of the nation, it is incredibly unlikely that anyone would fund, plan, and execute an invasion of the NZRE Empire. In addition, the empire is entirely surrounded by the United States of America, meaning that any country trying to invade, excepting the U.S., would have to first get past the United States border.


The NZRE Empire is the only micronation with a national Minecraft server - Craft-It. The empire has a national music video, Animusic (Animusic on Wikipedia),(Animusic on YouTube). NZRE sells national merchandise online (shirts, stickers, etc.) with the NZRE roundel on the item.


NZRE is building a virtual Kelvia on Craft-It. We have built the Kelviac (Imperial building) and NSA complex. There is also several homes and shops in Zulus. There is more under construction, with more homes, a school, and another city (Lepeto) under construction.

NZRE Dialect

English NZRE Dialect
Human Lendusian (/lɛnˈdʒən/)
Earth Lendus Prime
The Moon Lendus (/ˈlɛn.dʌs/, /ˈlɛn.dəs/)
Sun Soula (/ˈs.lə/)
moon of moon alcite (/ˈæl.kt/)

In NZRE dialect, when a word that ends in /θ/ is made plural, the /θ/ is replaced with /s/. When a word ends in /sθ/, both consonants are replaced with one consonant: /s/.

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