Narentian People


National flag of Narentia

Total population 13
Languages Narentian language, Slovak
Regions with significant population Narentia (Poplavina Republic)
Religion Roman Catholic, Narentian Orthodox Church
Related ethnic groups (collectively)

Slevan People, Serbs, Slovaks, Croats, Bosniaks

Related ethnic groups (individually) Slovaks, Croats

The Narentian people form the majority of Narentian citizens. They are a Microethnicity residing mostly in the Narentian Republic



The nation is named afted the Narensii, an ancient Illyrian tribe in Herzegovina. The name Narentines was the name of a South Slavic tribe in Southern Dalmatia.

Common names

  • Ante


See also: Narentian microethnicities, microethnicity


The Narentians use the Narentian language in written documents, and most of them speak it fluently. The Narentians of Krapina and Dvor however speak Slovak.


Narentian culture was heavily influenced by Serbia. Most of the Narentians are Roman Catholics, those living in the Pravoplavci Countz are Narentian Orthodox.


Federal Subject Narentian Total %
Narentian Republic 6 9 77
Novigrad 5 11 45
Pravoplavci 2 2 100
Total 13 33 39

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