National Armed Forces
Национальные Вооруженные Силы
NAF logo
NAF Emblem
Founded 19 May, 2013
Service branches Army, Foreign Legion
Commander-in-Chief MAJ Edward Jacobs
Secretary of Defense LIEUT Emmanuel Tsompanoglou
Minister of Defense Sebastian Schriber
Military age 14
Conscription Yes

The National Armed Forces (Russian: Национальные Вооруженные Силы) are the combat forces of the Federal Republic of Akharnes.


The enrollment into the NAF is done through the President's office. The serving age being fixed at 13. An official document, known as the Military Enrollment Act defines the basic criteria for all applicants.


The National Armed Forces consist of two main branches, each with its own commander. The President is regarded as the head commander.

  • Army
  • Foreign Legion

The Army is the main combat force of the NAF. It is both a ground and navy force. The President has total control over the Army. An Army Supervisor may be appointed by the President under certain circumstances.

The Foreign Legion is a physical and cyber combat force, made exclusively for non-citizens. It is currently supervised by Vice-President Çakar.

Army DivisionsEdit

The Army consists of 2 divisions.

  • Continental Division, a European-based army, covering the region from France to Russia.
    • 1st Infantry Group
    • 2nd Infantry Group
  • Kaldarian Division, a potential military force based around the South Pole.
  • Hasanistani Division, includes the military of the Republic of Hasanistan


The ranks and insignia of the NAF are based upon those of the Russian Federation.

Official Name in Russianрядово́йсержа́нтпра́порщиклейтена́нткапита́нмайо́рполко́вникгенера́л-полко́вникгенера́л а́рмииМа́ршал
Insignia NAF Private NAF Sergeant NAF WarrantOfficer NAF Lieutenant NAF Captain NAF Major NAF Colonel NAF ColonelGeneral NAF GeneraloftheArmy NAF Marshal
Title Private Sergeant Warrant Officer Lieutenant Captain Major Colonel Colonel General General of the Army Marshal
Akharnes seal Federal Republic of Akharnes
People Edward JacobsMarko Damjanovic
System President of AkharnesNational Congress
Political Parties National Party of Akharnes
Language MirolianDradelian
Religion Orthodox Christianity
Sports BC Spartak
Symbols Akharnian State AwardsSymbols of Akharnes
National Armed Forces