National Committee of Internal Affairs

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National Committee of Internal Affairs
Flag of the NCIAThracian National Committee of Internal Affairs Flag

Official language(s) English
Short name NCIA
- Grand Chancellor Skylar
- Head Director-General Connor
Established 2/27/16

The National Committe of Internal Affairs (NCIA) is a government organization built within The Thracian Line, used as a police force.


The NCIA functions as the police of The Thracian Line. The purpose of the NCIA is to root out corruption in politics, maintain order, and to punish criminals. They work in order to keep the state stable; removing threats to the Thracian Line and getting rid of politicians, citizens, and senators who act out inappropriately and offensively. They can only operate under direct order of the Grand Chancellor, making sure that the Head Directors of the NCIA won't be able to use their abilities to their advantage. NCIA officers can arrest, demote, and even exile criminals if permitted to do so by the Grand Chancellor.

Government & Military Involvement

The NCIA is very involved in government affairs, carefully examining the Executive Council. The NCIA also monitors political parties who are considered dangerous and/or radical. The NCIA has a ranking structure similar to that of a military ranking system; mostly because most NCIA members have had experience in the military in their past.

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