The Kingdom of Doueir Flag

The Royal Flag of the Kingdom of Doueir.


The National Day of Doueir (also known as Doueir's New Year) t is on December 30. It is in celebration of the kingdom's establishment. It is an official holiday in the Kingdom of Doueir.


Traditionally, the King of Doueir has a speech ready for the people of Doueir by December 29. The people stay up all night to welcome a new year for the kingdom and welcome the growth of the nation. On the morning of the 30th, the people start the parades and festivals which go through the day. At night, the family sits together and exchanges gifts.

The traditional food eaten on the National Day of Doueir is an Ouera. An Ouera is a snack made up of cucumber (a national symbol of the kingdom) cut and pierced into a small piece of dough (2-3in./4–7 cm.) with feta cheese inside. The dough is baked a little bit, and then the feta is placed and it is baked some more. Then the pieces of cucumber are placed on top. The Kingdom's gift to the people of Doueir on the National Day is half a dozen of Oueras for each citizen along with 2L of fresh water.

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