Protectorate of the National Embassy to the California Republic (Subject of the F.A.R.T.)
2000px-Flag of California.svg

"I Love You, California!"
I Love You California

Official language(s) English, French
Demonym none
- Minister of Peace Ivan Alexandrovich Kozick
Established 11 January 2015
Population 1
Currency Imperial F.A.R.T. Dollar

The Protectorate of the National Embassy to the California Republic, sometimes internally referred to simply as the National Embassy, is the embassy which represents the Provisional Territories of the F.A.R.T. in the California Republic. Although technically not a state of the F.A.R.T., its classification as a protectorate designates it as a state, which it is usually considered to be.

Recognition Edit

Although the F.A.R.T. does not recognize the United States, it does recognize California as a sovereign entity, and thus formed this embassy. Notwithstanding, the Californian government has not delegated an ambassador to the F.A.R.T., which may explain, at least in part, the lack of formal diplomacy between the two countries.

History Edit

The Protectorate of the National Embassy to the California Republic was established on 11 January 2015.

Minister of Peace Edit


Minister of Peace Ivan Kozik brandishing an airsoft rifle.

Minister of Peace is a title given to the ambassador in any embassy operated by the F.A.R.T.

The embassy is singularly staffed and permanently populated by Minister of Peace Ivan Kozick, who is also Minister of War and Minister of Justice on behalf of the Armed Forces of the Central Government.

Motto Edit

The National Motto (Gesundheit!) is a parody or perhaps even a response to Eureka, the motto of California.

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