The legislature is a branch of the running of a nation with the power over legislation. The enacting and alteration of laws is the main duty of a legislature, but it may also be required to perform other tasks such as the election of the Head of State, executive or government. Legislatures are usually unicameral (consisting of one parliamentary house) or bicameral (consisting of two parliamentary houses), however on occasion they are tricameral (consisting of three parliamentary houses), as in Colearine.

In most bicameral systems, the Lower House of the most powerful and usually the most democratically elected, whilst the upper house of used to advice and assist on legislative matters. In federal countries it is regular for the Upper house to contains representatives for each area within the country rather than being nationally elected. For example, the Senate of the United States contains two representatives for each member state of the country. Unlike most systems, the British House of Lords (Upper House) is still an appointed body, consisting of life, hereditary and religious peers, most of them serving life terms.

Legislatures can are known by many names. Names such as National Assembly, congress and parliament are most common. Likewise, there are many names for the individual Houses of the legislature. Senate is the most common name for an Upper House. Unicameral legislatures and lower Houses tend to have names such as Assembly, House of Representatives of Chamber of Deputies. Names are often related to the country, for example the prefix bunde- (meaning federal) is used in Germany and Austria, whilst the word Majlis is common in Islamic countries.

List of Micronational Legislatures

Nation Type of Legislature Lower House Upper House Third House
Flag of AustenasiaEmpire of Austenasia Unicameral Cabinet
Camuria land flagCamuria-Althacia Bicameral House of Peers House of Deputies
Land Republic Bascal Unicameral National Meeting
Kaznian flagCheslovia Unicameral Musorov Kremlin
Coleraine Rose Flag Coleraine Tricameral House of Commons House of Lords
Egtavia flag extrasmallRepublic of Egtavia Multicameral Egtavian National Parliament Various Community Parliaments
EniarkuFlagEniarku Unicameral National People's Congress
VlagFlandrensis Unicameral Parliament
Larger flagFrancisville Unicameral Chamber of Deputies
Micronationflag126Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun Tricameral Oblastian Assembly Chamber of Comrades Elite Duma
25pxFederation of Kanto Bicameral House of Representatives Senate
Keltsvian flagKeltsvia Unicameral Parliament of Keltsvia
Antarctico londaiseAntarctic Community of Landashir Unicameral Landashir'n Government
Flag Of LbpFederal Republic of Los Bay Petros Bicameral National Legislative Court National Cabinet
LeylandiistanFlagDemocratic Republic of Leylandiistan Unicameral National Assembly of Leylandiistan
Flag sumple 2 copyKingdom of Lutherania Unicameral Imperial Council
Flagv3New Europe Bicameral Imperial Diet Imperial Council
Oldtrinityflag Republic of the Old Trinity Unicameral Parliament
Flag of PetorioPetorio Unicameral Parliament of Petorio
PrSR FlagPeople's reformed States Republic Bicameral People's reformed Parliament Ministers
Template:Country data Flag of patetopia.gif Patetopia Unicameral National Assembly

Flag stcharlieSt.Charlie

Unicameral St.Charlian Parliament
Republic of Salania/Holy Salanian Empire Unicameral Salanian Parliament
Flag of the Slinky Empyre Slinky Empyre Unicameral Slinky Parliament
FlagofrwaFederation of West Antarctica Unicameral

National Assembly

Secundomia Official Flag Republic of Secundomia Tricameral The Citizen's Council The Cabinet
Vladislavian state flag Verd'landian Republic of Vladislavia Unicameral Rixdag
Republic of Westland Unicameral Westland Parliament
Vlag 2 Kingdom of Wyvern Unicameral Senate of Wyvern
Yabloko flagStudents' Isocratic Oligarchy of Yabloko Unicameral Parliament of Yabloko