Logo of the Nationalist Fascist Conservative Party of Sierra


Note: This article is about a party is now defunct, replaced by the National Konservative Partei Sierra. All male members must join the Sierran military at the age of 13 and serve for a minimum of one year.
All opposing political, religious, and sexuality views will be tolerated and not harassed. If members are harassed by opposing political, religious, and sexuality views, members will not yell or attack the offenders. Members are to be as kind to opposing viewers as members are to one another. Any violators of these rules will be banned from the Party for at least two months to life, depending on their charges.

The Party is a Christian, Right-wing Conservative, Heterosexual party. The Party strictly bans most illict drugs as in the United States. The Party is for the private use of firearms.

Members must be at least 12 years old. Children ages 6-11 will be part of the Nationalist Fascist Conservative Youth of Sierra. The party is focused on keeping the Great Republic of Sierra as it was.

Economic Views

The Party encourages Capitalist economies, and praises the Sierran Reichsmark for its value in comparison to the United States Dollar.

Political Views

The Party is a "Christian, Right-wing Conservative, Heterosexual party." It believes in traditional mairrage and is strict with a ban on most drugs being used for recreational use.

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