Nedar lang čārad leNàdāra
Spoken in Nedaria
Total speakers Unknown
Language family Language isolate, partly constructed.
Writing system Nedar script, Latin
Regulated by Nedar Government

The Nedar language (endonym: čārad leNàdāra, kzarād leNadāra) is a language spoken in Nedaria. It is a language isolate, unrelated to any other language. It is written in both the Latin script, and the native Nedar script.

Alphabet Edit

This is the alphabet used for the Nedar Latin script:

a à á ā č d z e è é ē i ì í k l n r

Nedar script Edit


Nedar script

ečaran zeNadar

Used in Nedaria
Used for Nedar
Total users ~200
Script family -
Script type Abugida
Regulated by Nedar Government

The Nedar script is an abugida, which means each grapheme usually represents a consonant. Vowels are represented by diacritics attached to the consonants.


Nedar trans

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