Nedar lang čārad leNàdāra
Spoken in Nedaria
Total speakers Unknown
Language family Language isolate, partly constructed.
Writing system Nedar script, Latin
Regulated by Nedar Government

The Nedar language (endonym: čārad leNàdāra, kzarād leNadāra) is a language spoken in Nedaria. It is a language isolate, unrelated to any other language. It is written in both the Latin script, and the native Nedar script.


This is the alphabet used for the Nedar Latin script:

a à á ā č d z e è é ē i ì í k l n r

Nedar script


Nedar script

ečaran zeNadar

Used in Nedaria
Used for Nedar
Total users ~200
Script family -
Script type Abugida
Regulated by Nedar Government

The Nedar script is an abugida, which means each grapheme usually represents a consonant. Vowels are represented by diacritics attached to the consonants.


Nedar trans

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