Nedar Republic


Élìčeranāran ez'ār leNàdāra
[[Nedar flag|]] Noflag.png

Nedar location
Capital city Narāel
Largest city Narāel
Official language(s) Nedar
Demonym Nedar (zeNadār)
Government Presidential Republic
- President Aldāira zanĀrikzenarān
Legislature Niarāna
Established July 14, 2014
Area claimed 2.5 km²
Population 267
Currency Elāzan
Time zone Central European Time (UTC+01:00)
National dish Kzāzi

Nedaria (Nedar: leNadāra), officially the Nedar Republic (Nedar transcription: Élìčeranāran ez'ār leNàdāra [ˈɛlɨ̆gʒɛɾəˈnɐːɾan ɛʒˈʔɐːɾ lɜnəˈdɐːɾɐ]  ) is a small island country in northern Europe.

Recognized by no UN-member, it is recognized as a part of Norway in the international community. The country declared independence from Norway on July 14, 2014. A democratic presidential republic, Aldaira zanArikzenaran has been president since the foundation of the country.

Languages spoken in the country are Nedar, Dáring (a standardized variety of Norwegian) and English. The Nedar language is a language isolate, unrelated to any other language. Even though it is surrounded by Norwegian, there are very few loanwords. The language uses the Nedar script, along with the Latin script.


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