The Kingdom of Netivot is a small kingdom located on an island in a pond in Angrignon Park, Montreal, Canada.

Prehistory (or national myth)

Netivot was founded in 200 BC when a man named Eden was chased out of Israel for burning incense to Nehushtan, a bronze serpent built by Moses.

The bronze serpent cured people from snake bites. The people continued to worship the serpent even after the snakes left. The serpent, Nehushtan, became a deity for the next few centuries until Hezekiah destroyed it.

Another few centuries later, Eden built a bronze serpent of his own, and he worshiped it and burned incense to it. Eden was caught practicing idolatry, and was chased out of Israel. He sailed for months until he reached what is now modern-day Canada.

He settled on an island in a pond in what is now modern-day Angrignon Park. He built a shrine to Nehushtan, the serpent, and begun his ministry. Nine Native Americans dwelt with Eden on the island. Eden became king of the island and a native took over the position of priest. Eden called the island Netivot. Eden died circa 150 BC, and his son succeeded him as king.

Prehistoric Kings of Netivot

  • Eden I (200 BC - 150 BC)
  • Eden II (150 BC - 110 BC)
  • Seth I (110 BC - 50 BC)
  • Enos (50 BC - 10 BC)
  • Jared (10 BC - 30 AD)
  • Seth II (30 AD - 45 AD)

Destruction of prehistoric Netivot

According to national myth, the tribe that Eden's followers used to belong to came and destroyed the shrine, the huts and the king's palace circa 45 AD. The island was not resettled for another 1,970 years.

Modern Netivot

Netivot was resettled on June 18th, 2017 by king Istvan I and his nine followers. The shrine was rebuilt, and the citizens of Netivot come and worship Nehushtan the serpent every day. The people are happy with Istvan's rule.

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