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Neton of America
Neton Flag
Neton Flag

"Small but dignified"
Capital city Carrie
Official language(s) English, Japanese
Demonym Netanian
Government Democracy
- President Liam Campbell
Currency Netanian Dollars

Neton (Japanese:ネトン アメリカ) was a micronation in Canada.


Neton used U.S customs and had English and Japanese as official languages.


Neton founder and president is Liam Campbell. Who stated that it will be a democracy. President Campbell created the NNS (Neton National Security), the NEPA (Neton Environmental Protection Agency) and the NCC (Neton Communications Commissions), president Campbell also created the NNB (Neton National Bank) and the NPO (Neton Post Office). A national anthem was planned, but never made.


The capital and only city in Neton was Carrie. Named after the president Campbell's dog that died in 2012. This city has one building.


Liam Campbell said that he had no intrest in states any time soon but he did create two counties, one will be named Dez after the president's late grandfather James "Dez" Nolin. The name of the other county was never released. Carrie is located in Dez.


Liam Campbell has announced that Neton will be using Netanian Dollars. The current exchange rate is NTD $1 = USD $0.50. The money was set to launch as soon as the NNB is launched.


Liam Campbell said that Neton used Canadian IP addresses for Neton Internet, and is used Canadian TV. As well as using Region 1 NTSC. Liam Campbell said that he was working on the two first Netanian TV Networks, TCI (Toon Channel Intilization) and NBC (Neton Broadcast Channel), but has no intentions of leaving Region 1 NTSC.


Liam Campbell stated "I hate how almost every non-american country is using the metric system, so Neton will be using the Imerial System". Neton was then one of the few countries not on the metric system.


Neton had the same holidays as the U.S except for the holidays like the 4th of July, and Presidents Day. Liam Campbell has announced he "The Day of Rising", which celebrates the creation of Neton.

Being Purchased

Neton later went into bankruptcy and was bought out by the New Order of America.

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