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Neutral Borneo
Neutral Borneo FlagNeutral Borneo CoA

Bebas, Berkecuali, Berdaulat (Free, Neutral, Sovereign)
Tanah Air (Motherland)
Sarawak, Malaysia
Capital city Kasturi
Official language(s) Malay, English
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Neutral Bornean
Government Socialist
- President Mohamad Arshad
Established 2012
Population 15

The Neutral Territory of Borneo, mostly known as Neutral Borneo is a micronation that be proclaimed as a result of protest against the current situation of former RTM transmitter station (who, at the same time having a quarters for RTM workers and their families) who been claimed as too “neglected and ignored” by RTM itself. Its based in Muara Tuang, Sarawak, Malaysia.



The former RTM (Radio Television Malaysia) trasmission station, now become a Government House.

In late 60’s as the people of Sarawak have been introduced to television for the first time so to making sure that more people are able to watch televisions in good quality, the Malaysian government through RTM have start building a new transmitter station and it started operated in 1970-71. However after the new transmitter station have been build at Serapi Moutains, the production having slow down and the transmitter station have been closed in late 90’s.

Mohamad Arshad, son of a RTM workers who have lived here since the closure of the transmitter station has witnessed the destruction of some of the historical things in the former transmitter station especially when the former generator to light out the stations have been taken to soled and when the former antenna have been removed in 2006. Through his father he try to tell the RTM management about the real situation in former RTM transmitter station but it was ignored. Frusted with the situation, he declared himself as the Yang Di-Pertuan Negara, or the first President of Kasturia Republic in 25 April 2012. He named it Kasturia since the Kasturi flower( Abelmoschus moschatus) have been grown wildly at his new republic.

After the declaration of the new nations, the first cabinet was founded with President Arshad as a President and Minister of Defense of the republic, with his friend Eskandar Zulkanain as the Deputy President and Ministry of Finance. However, due of internal problem and lack of support from everyone, which prefer to stay under the Malaysian government, the Provisional Government is finally dissolved in January 2013.

Feeling disappointed with the dissolution of the republic, in February 2013, he, with the few friend who still support him are making a decision to storming the former transmitter station (who later become the Government House), climbing the roof of that station and placing the flag on the top of the roof. Those incident, happened in 13 February 2013 is widely known as “Replacing The Flag Incident” and remembered as the “National Day”, the day when he declared that the former transmitting station “is not longer under Malaysia, Sarawak or Indonesia, but under new nation that we know as a Neutral Borneo.”

On the next day, 14 February, the President making a decree that the name of the new territory will be known as a “Neutral Borneo”, the neutral territory that not under the Malaysian or Indonesian government.



Location of the Neutral Borneo.

Located in Borneo Island, Neutral Borneo is having a hot, tropical climate. The capital of Neutral Borneo, Kasturi is named after Kasturi flower( Abelmoschus moschatus) have been grown wildly at the place. In the southern part of the territory, its was surrounding with a wild grass and flowers.


Neutral Borneo is a unitary, sovereign, neutral republic. Neutral Borneo is a republic governed by a constitution creating a Council Negri (State Council) and other institutions of state. However, The president is not only as a Commander-in-Chief of the Neutral Borneo armed forces but also a Defence Minister at the same time.Government is ruled by president Mohamad Arshad, who became the Neutral Borneo president in February 2014.



Scenery of the Kasturina Capital Territory.

The territory of Neutral Borneo are divided into two:

Kasturina Territory: The original territory of Neutral Borneo that being obtained from Malaysia after the declaration of estabilishment of the state of Neutral Borneo (at that time known as Kasturina Republic).

"Irredentia Bornia": Translated as "Unredeemed Borneo", the 4.2 km places is a place that been claimed by the President as a future territory of Neutral Borneo.

Map of Irredentia Bornia- future homeland of the Neutral Borneo.

Foreign Relations Edit

The Government of Neutral Borneo are officially recongized all of the sovereign nations around the worl, as well the part-reconigzed nations such like Palestine, Kosovo and so own. However, due of several difficulties we only interested to established an informal relations will all sovereign nations.

The Government also reconigzed several international group such as Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organizations (UNPO) and International Red Cross and Crescent movement.

At the same time we are interested to estabilished an formal relations with all micronations. However, thats are limited to those micronation who clamied an phsyical territories as theirs (excluding Antartica, outer space, Moon and so on).

So far Neutral Borneo is established a relations with:

  • Molossia flag Molossia

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