New Democratic Socialist Union of Davaar
Flag29434 Flag of DavaarSel Davaar Seal

"Davaar, Unite"
"The Davaar Hills"
Located in the picturesque island of Davaar, near Campbeltown in Scotland. (Red dot on map) Screenshot 3
Capital city New Davaar
Largest city New Davaar
Official language(s) British English (95%), Scots (5%), Gaelic (0.1%)
Official religion(s) No Official Religion
Short name DSUoD/DSOD
Demonym Davaarians
Government Presidential Republic/Communist State/Socialist State/Military Dictatorship
Legislature The New Revolutionary Socialist Republic Senate Office of Davaar
- Type - Senate
- Number of seats - 1
- Last election - 12th of December 2014
Established 12th of December 2014
Area claimed 126 Acres
Population 3 (Approx.)
Currency Great British Pound (£)
Time zone Greenwich Meridian Time
National sport Football (Soccer)
National dish Davaar Salmon
National drink Davaar State Water
National animal Weimaraner
Patron saint Saint. Aaron
Internet Domain .du

The New Democratic Socialist Union of Davaar, DSUD, DSUoD, NDSUoD or occasionally known as The New Democratic Socialist Union of Davaar for the Union of Davaar and the Incorporation of North Davaar South Davaar and Saint Aaron Isles for a Revolutionary Scotland for the Democracy of the People of the Union of Davaar and the Formal Independence of the United Kingdom and for the Democracy and Freedom for the People of Davaar for a Greater Democratic Society for the Front and Protection of the People for the Hardworking Workers and for our Leader Communist Micronation of Davaar , is a small sovereign micronation located on the isle of Davaar near Scotland within Argyll & Bute along the west coast of Scotland. It was formally known as the Democratic Republic of Davaar or DRD.



Davaar claimed it's independence on the 12th of December 2014 when an unknown individual declared its independence and wrote its official constitution (legend has it, that the unknown founder of Davaar, wrote the constitution on a bare rock near the Davaar lighthouse). It was originally founded as a believe that Davaar could survive as its own official country and after much distaste regarding the recent Conservative government election win for the United Kingdom.

Successful Armed Coup

On the 12th of June 2015, a socialist revolution occured on Davaar after armed citizens revolted against the Government for being too 'democratic'. As a result, a new government was formed and the beginning of the New Democratic Socialist Union of Davaar was formed.

Governmental Reforms

During the successful coup a serious of new reforms were implemented within the union. The new legislature, The New Revolutionary Socialist Republic Senate Office of Davaar which consisted of 1 seat and was entirely controlled by the leader of Davaar to which remains anonymous. The Socialist government also holds elections every 5 years but the only candidate is the 'Glorious Leader'. The recent reforms have been so far very successful for the islands and it is hope that this will spur on the isle economy.

Governmental Positions

Recently, a new position for the Supreme Minister of the Ministry of Finance arose within the isle and was widely advertised, but as of now, the position has not been filled.

Geography and Location

Davaar Island is located at the mouth of Campbeltown Loch off the east coast of Campbeltown, Scot/land. is a tidal island, linked to the mainland by a shingle near Campbeltown, Scotland at low tide. The crossing can be made in around 20 minutes depending on the tide conditions. The island is famous for a life-size cave painting depicting the crucifixion of Jesus. Davaar can be difficult to access, depending on the tide. Tide times are available on the Government website or alternatively can be accessed through a third party source such as Tourism Campbeltown.


Officially, there are 4 different counties/states/regions in Davaar.

Territory Population Territorial Flag
South Davaar 2
North Davaar 1
Saint Aaron Province (Outlying Island) Uninhabited

Armed Forces

Ground Force (People's Ground Liberation Force)

The People's Ground Liberation Force, is a ground force which consists of an infantry division, artillery corps, infantry vehicle division, tanks division and the all-purpose vehicle corps.

Air Force (People's Air Liberation Force)

The People's Air Liberation Force deals with air threats. Despite it not having its own official air force, it deals with any civilian or military aircraft trespassing in Davaarian airspace. It consists of the air division and the anti-air division.

Navy (People's Royal Naval Liberation Force)

The People's Royal Naval Liberation Force is the smallest division of the military, despite it being an island. It deals with any possible sea invasion threat and regularly patrols the sea for illegal fishing, military trespassing or possible piracy threats within its region.


The DSUoD maintains close supervision with Media outlets within the isle and only Government approved articles/pictures/videos are to be released to the people on the isle.

State Ideology

The DSUD runs a state ideology of a Socialist state. Socialism in DSUD refers to how all of the industry is state controlled and capitalism is illegal and non-existent within the DSUD. The state believes in high welfare, defence and medical spendings. All education and healthcare is free, as well as housing. The state believes that everyone on the island is equal and no better than any other person. The state's wealth is also divided up equally between the populous. The state also believes that socialism is the way forward and is very against right wing countries.

Foreign Relations

As the DSUoD is not an official country and does not maintain foreign relations with any UN recognised micronation although it does maintain active and positive relations with other Communist or Socialist oreintated or left winged micronations. Although, it has very weak relations with the Principality of Sealand due to its decision in 1978 to take hostage numerous mercenaries from Germany and the Netherlands.

DSUoD recognises the following states:-


The DSUoD primarily speaks Englosh.

Occupation of Saint Aaron Isle

A campaign against the DSUoD began on the 12th of June by the United Union of the Isles of Saint Aaron. It began as it formed its own anarchist micronation and tried to break away from the Union of Socialist Davaar. Although, this uprising has failed the Davaarian military still control it and are preventing further attacks and is trying to maintain a peaceful occupation of the island and regain its territory although the United Union of the Isles of Saint Aaron are still campaigning for support and a breakaway as its own official micronation.


After a recent proclamation of the official state, a petition appeared on calling for the disbandment of the New Democratic Socialist Union of Davaar. The petition asks for the Relinquishment of the 'Micronational' Occupation of Davaar. The petition is located here.
Screenshot 9-0

Flag of the Rebel Anarchist Saint Aaron Isle Flag

Purges of 'Johnism' or 'Johnists'

During the Socialist revolution of Davaar, there was a successful purge of 'Johnism'. 'Johnism' is banned in the DSUS and the culture/political idelogy believes in anti-social behaviour, major disorder, anarchy and some right wing/fascists views. Anyone teaching or praising 'Johnism' is shot or arrested for crimes against the state. The United Union of the Isles of Saint Aaron is commonly accused by Davaarians for encourgaing and support 'Johnism' or 'Johnists' although this is not verified.