Social Democracy of New Goatannea
Социал-демократия Новый Гоатаннеа
State Emblem

мир и спокойствие в любом случае

Mapofgoatannea Location of Goatannea (Green) in Europe (Dark Grey)
Capital city Oaticgæ
Largest city Uadangæehirß
Official language(s) English, Russian, Turkish
Official religion(s) Secular

43% Islam 17% Helism

50% No Preference
Demonym Goatannean, Goatic
Government Semi-Presidential Constitutional Democracy
- President Deniz Akbaş
- Prime Minister Arda Utkan
- Minister of War and Peace Kaan Sarıhan
Established 2012
Area claimed 27135.38 m²
Population 11
Currency Goacons, Micro Euro Currency (M€C)
Time zone GMT +2
National sport Cycling
National dish Bacon (all types)
National drink Andalïmonma
National animal Goat
Internet Domain -ga

The Social Democracy of New Goatannea (Russian: Социал-демократия Новый Гоатаннеа) is a small independent country with limited recognition (also called a micronation)

History Edit

The Republic of New Goatannea was established in 11th of December 2012

The Flag of Goatannea Edit

The Flag of Goatannea represents the Sun, the Night Sky and the Turkic Heritage (Yellow, Navy Blue and Blue),

National Holidays Edit

The only national holiday is Day of Goats celebrated in the 11th of December, this is the date of the countries


Logo of the 2016 Day of Goats

establishment, it is celebrated in various locations including the two exclaves claimed by New Goatannea

Motto Edit

The motto of New Goatannea is "мир и спокойствие в любом случае" (English: Peace and Tranquility in any way)

Culture Edit


Andalïmonma, The National Drink of New Goatannea

Goatanean culture is a mix between European and Turkish Culture due to it being completely enclaved by Turkey, There is no official religion.

Geography Edit


Sïmiæsīz Tree, a century old tree in the city of Uadanagaehrïß

New Goatannea (excluding 1 of its exclaves) border the Black Sea, so summers read at most 31 degrees celsius while at the lowest can reach 15 degrees celsius, winters can at most reach 21 degrees celsius at at the lowest can reach -12 degrees celsius

Recognition Edit

If a micronation claims an area of any of the recognized nations by New Goatannea's government, will not be recognized

Nations Recognized Edit

  • UNFlag United Nations members
  • North Cyprus Flag by northcyprus Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  • Flag of Kosovo Republic of Kosovo
  • Taiwanflag Republic of China
  • Kokbayraq flag.svg East Turkestan
  • Flag of Tibet.svg Tibet

Nations not Recognized Edit

  • Vatican Flag Vatican City
  • DPRK flag Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea
  • Chinese flag Peoples Republic of China
  • 2000px-Flag of Crimea.svg Crimea (recognizes as Ukraine)

Micronations Recognized Edit

Law and Order Edit

Though the Republic of Goatannea doesn't have a Fully Written Law Covering everything from A-Z the country still has some law

  • Gay Marriage is Legal

The Illegal items for foreigners are

  • Unlicensed Firearms
  • Explosive or Corrosive Substances
  • Radioactive Material
  • Non Bio-Degradable plastic bags
  • Agressive Animals
  • Tobacco Products
  • Recreational Drugs

Identification Edit



New Goatannea uses a identification system called the RNGID which consists of; name, surname, NGID Code (a 9 digit random string of numbers used similarly to the American SSN), sex and Security Clearance (if available)

Military Edit

Main Article: Military of New Goatannea

The New Goatannean Army is one of the smallest micronational militaries in the world. The New Goatannean army's equipment is:


Emblem of the Democratic Security Forces


Mallards Delta Soldier

Non Lethal (Used for Training)

  • RT-20 SR's (Modded Nerf Retaliator)
  • STR-10 PDW's (Modded Nerf Stryfe)


  • Colapsible Baton
  • Plastic Knuckles
  • Projectile Explosives
  • Bladed Weapons
  • Tasers
  • Shotguns

Dog Tags Edit


First Name


Blood Group

Unit/Branch, Dominant Hand

Goatannean Air Force Edit

The Goatannean Air Force is one of the smallest in the world, capable of using only Surveillance UAV's


Airspace Chart of New Goatannea

Down Below: The GAF's Fleet

Model Manufacturer Amount Ordered Origin Type
Bebop 2 Parrot 0 1 Imported UAV
Rolling Spider Parrot 1 0 Imported UAV
Jumping Sumo Parrot 1 0 Imported UGV

External Links Edit

Official Facebook Page

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