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New Gothenburg Flag1

The glorious flag of New Gothenburg.

New Gothenburg (Swedish: Nygöteborg; Spanish: Ciudad de Gotten Nuevo) is a micronation in west-central North America, excluding outside territories. It is bordered by the United States of America on all sides. At about 5 square kilometres in size, New Gothenburg is the smallest nation in the Americas, and one of the smallest nations in the world. It is also one of the smallest nations in the world in population, with just under 15,400 people within its borders. At about 3,078 people per square kilometre, it is also has one of the densest populations in the Americas. Almost everyone in the country lives in the capitol of New Gothenburg, while about 25 people live in communities on the fringes of the country. Due to its status as a micronation, New Gothenburg has a near-nonexistent recognition rate.

After years of bouncing between Kumeyaay, Spanish, and Mexican rule, the territory of New Gothenburg finally settled as an American town. After almost 5 centuries of growth, San Diego grew to one of the largest cities on the Pacific Coast, rivaled only by Los Angeles. On June 22nd, a young San Diegan, on holiday in a town called Idyllwild, became fed up with America's laws, and decided to create a micronation. After months of plannning, he created New Gothenburg.

Today, New Gothenburg is a constitutional empire, ruled over by Emperor Jaakob Sandvall I, with a parliament in planning. The capital is New Gothenburg, which hosts almost all of the country's population. Emperor Sandvall has executive power, and all proposed laws go through him. New Gothenburg is a unitary state, with 17 provinces.


The word "Göteborg" comes from the words Göta borg, meaning "Gothia Fortress," due to it being on the Göta, or Gothia, River. In English, it is known as "Gothenburg," a corruption of the original name. New Gothenburg has taken the name of this Swedish city due to its emperor's bloodline descending from here. "New" just constitutes Gothenburg being the original city, not New Gothenburg.

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