No current Coat of Arms
Official Language English, Irish
Founded December 7, 2011
Area Unknown
Population 9
Currency New Ireland Dollar
Head of State Queen Noreen McLoughlin
Capital To Be Determined
Motto Má tá tú t-ádh go leor chun a bheith Gaeilge, ansin tá tú an t-ádh. (“If you’re lucky enough to be Irish, then you’re lucky enough”)
National Anthem New Ireland Forever (being written)

New Ireland is a micronation founded by the current Queen, Noreen. It was founded to bring back the glory of ancient Ireland.


New Ireland was founded on December 7,

2011. While not much has happened since, New Ireland will soon be very productive as new departments are made and the population increases.


New Ireland is ruled by a King or Queen. The King or Queen has an advisor to represent the people. The King and Queen do not make any major laws without the people's consent.


coming soon!

New Ireland Businesses

none currently

New Ireland Army

coming soon!


New Ireland website

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