New Prague
—  Capital City  —
Motto: "By this sign, Conquer."
Anthem: Ode to Joy
New Prague map.
Country Kingdom of Bolcar
Established 11th of May, 2012
 - Lesser-Monarch Ken Bolcar
 - Total 3
 - Density
 - Urban density
 - Rural density
 - Metro density
 -  Density
 -  Density
  Includes King Todd I

New Prague Is a the capital and the largest city of the Kingdom of Bolcar. It is ruled by Ken Bolcar (King Todd I's farther) and has a population of 3. It is located in Trussville, Alabama.


New Prague was established at the same time Bolcar was established, May 11 2012. It quickly rose to prominence over the other states of the Kingdom with the fact that it housed both the Prime Minister and the King.


New Prague was originally a elective province, but on January 25th, 2013 became a monarchy ruled by a "Lesser-Monarch"


New Prague has the largest economy of all the states, with Ken's "macro-job" bringing in the largest profit of any civilians of the Kingdom.

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