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New Republic of Greckistan

"Leave no man behind!
the old republic
New Jersey,United States
Capital city Greckville
Largest city Greckville
Official language(s) Russian
Official religion(s) Irish Catholic
Demonym Greckistani
Government Democratic Republic
Legislature Congress
Established 2013
Area claimed unknown
Population 798,094,563
Currency Greckistani dollar
Time zone East Coast
National sport Football
National animal Honet Badger
Patron saint St. Example
Internet Domain (proposed) .example
This nation is a a member of the Example Organisation

Government website

The New Republic of Greckistan was founded on November 24, 2013


the New Republic of Greckistan was created by His Excellency the former President of Greckistan after seeing the old government as being unstable to rule.

                                                                                                 Government & Politics

 the New Republic of Greckistan is Democratic Republic run by the New Congress  of Greckistan.

Law & Order

All crimes either cost a 120,000 dollar fine or is punishable by death.


Our military is allies with the A.C.F. (see World War 3) we use Sherman tanks,the  M16 and An-94s our  uniforms are a: black sweat jacket, black beanie, black shoes, black jeans, a grey sweat jacket, a black/dark blue shirt, and a heavy black jacket. Our militia has the same uniform but we use golf carts and normal cars instead of troop carriers and instead of M16s and AN-94s we use Steyr AUGs and Daisy Red Ryder BB guns for riot and crowd control.

Geography & Climate

Our Climate is identical to New Jerseys


we use Greckistani dollars for currency and we have many factories too.


In schools we teach important information and you don't get into grades by age but by intellect. We don't have very many artists. Our official language is Russian. We have one folk hero: Chuck Norris