Republic Of New Tagani or short New tagani (Dutch: Nieuw Tagani) (Frisian: Nij Tagani) is a micronation founded in 2016 in The Netherlands by President Erik Zandee.Template:Infobox novenation


The name Tagani is created by Erik Zandee in 2015, it was for is former micronation Tagani, but that wasn't a big succes. Now he came back and started again under the name 'New Tagani'


History before Tagani

Before Tagani existed, it had just the same history as The Netherlands

First Tagani

The 'first' Tagani was found in 2015, but because there was no support, they died soon after the start

New tagani

1 November 2016, the Republic of New Tagani has been risen from the ashes.


Parties and Seats

Party Name Short Leader Ideology Seats
Cristian Union CU Erik Zandee Cristian Democrat 6/15
Communist Tagani CT - Communist 4/15
Right Facism RF - Facism 3/15
OA Freedom OAF - Anarchism 2/15

The president

The President is the head of state of the Republic, and has seeping powers. The President appoints and simisses ministers, signs the instrument of ratification for all bills and laws, retains limited veto power over congress and acts as the Supreme Commander of the Taganian Armed Forces. The instantaneous president is Erik Zandee.