New Yankeeland Armed Forces
Founded March 23, 2016
Service branches Army


Air forces

Headquarters Rock Point, RO
Commander in cheif King Stephen I
Minister of Defence and War John
General of the Armies King Stephen I
Conscription None Currently
Active personnel 5
Reserve personnel 2
Deployed personnel 0

New Yankeeland Armed Forces or NYAF is the military for the Federal Kingdom of New Yankeeland.


Founded in March 23, 2016 under the original under the Stelegiriots Armed Forces the SAF only had had a Army made up of 3 infantry regiments. In February 2017 the SAF was renamed to New Yankeeland Armed Forces or NYAF and in April a vote was pass to created in Navy and Air forces Branch. Air forces founded in April 10, 2017 and Navy founded in April 12, 2017. November 2017 military under an overhaul and as of December 2017 the overhaul was completed.


The New Yankee Royal Federal Army, the Backbone, heart and soul of the NYAF is lead by the king. General Stephen Liger I. The 1st Army 'Army of the Tennessee' Made up of I Corps 'Phoenix Corp' and 1st Infantry Division 'Black Tiger'. The Division is made up of one Brigade. The 1st Brigade has two regiments, two independent companies and an artillery battery. NYRA follows the a more hybrid grand strategy approach to play to the country's needs and strengths. The Army is the only branch to have it own doctrine known as "Rapid Firepower". Which focus on using an centralized high command, small mobile troops, and multi-role units. quickly to threats to defend or attack the enemy. The Army is the biggest funded and use roughly 70% of the defense budget.

NYL Army


The Navy is lead by Admiral Brandon David and is made up of 2 ships which are both River Class Transport. Home port and HQ of the Yankee Royal Navy is New Washington SO. The Navy do to funding and lack of need of it is really small and only is use for transporting troops. Currently the Navy has doctrine at the moment.

NYL Navel

Air Forces

Air Forces is lead by Marshal of the Air Edward Alomoes. The Air Forces is made up of I Air Corps the 'Cardinal Corps' witch has only 1 Fighter Wing in it witch is experiment. The Wing has the new XY/F1 witch is currently in development. However do to lack of resources the air forces is limit on what it can and cant do. Currently the Air Forces is working on a new doctrine
NYL Air Forces

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