April 2013  Next
Next Samaran Federal Election
All 150 seats to the House of Representatives
76 will be needed for a majority
On or before November 9, 2013
Samaran labour Democratic samara
Leader Victoria Jensen Gabriel Hayward
Party Labour Democratic
Leader since March 2013 March 2013
Leader's seat Kydra Vale Calandra
Last election 51.2% 47.4%
Seats before 83 66
Seats needed 7 10

A parliamentary federal election must be held in the Republic of Samara on or before November 9, 2013 to elect all 150 seats in the House of Representatives. The election will take place on one day across all three states of the Republic using the Samaran Voting System.

Federal election law stipulates that an election must be held by the Saturday of the calendar week that falls 215 days after the last election. As the last election took place on April 6, 2013, then the last possible day for the election is November 9 of the same year. But the Constitution of the Republic allows the Prime Minister to call an election whenever he or she wants, so the election could be held earlier.

If the sitting PM Victoria Jensen has not called an election by October 18, then the President Arnold Griffin will be legally required to dissolve Parliament and call a federal election for November 9.

The election will be fought between the ruling Samaran Labour Party, which will be seeking a second term in power, and the opposition Democratic Party of Samara. According to a study of voting patterns conducted by the Samaran News Corportation, it would take a federal swing of 1.54% against Labour for the Democratic Party to achieve the 76 seats needed to win the election.

Opinion polling

Federal opinion polling does not include support for independent candidates because this varies too much and is hard to track accurately. The result of the last election excluding independents has been included to make comparison easier. All polls by the Samaran News Corporation.

House of Representatives polling
Date 2PP vote Swing Est. seats Better PM
March 31, 2013 53% 47% 87 63 45% 37%
Last election 52% 48% 83 66
April 11 - 18, 2013 51% 49% +1% 81 69 45% 37%

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