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Royal Federal Republic of Niclogia
Niclogian Flag
Black Star
Coat of Arms

Love, peace & equality
National Anthem of Niclogia04:00

National Anthem of Niclogia

Capital city Fors
Largest city Kemi
Official language(s) Finnish, English, Swedish & Nyclonese
Official religion(s) Freedom of Religion
Demonym Niclogian
Government Royal Federal Republic
- President Nico Fors
Established *Monarchy of Niclogia-2010
  • Royal Niclogia-2012
Currency Euro & InterSol
Time zone (UTC)

Niclogia, officially the Royal State of Niclogia,[5] was a micronation situated partly in the Fennoscandian region of Northern Europe, partly in the Iberian region of Southern Europe and somewhere between Egypt and Sudan. It is bordered by Finland in Jyväskylä claim called Grain, Spain in Niclogias Gibraltar claim and by Egypt and Sudan in its Nicol claim.

It used to be part of Niclogian Synomos and after that part of Nyclos, but it was disfounded in 2013.

Niclogia was founded on 2010 as a Monarchy but it  dissolved at the beginning of 2011, and then it was re-established on 27th May 2012 as Republic, and eventually it Became Royal Federal Republic, later on it transformed into Royal State of Niclogia.

An estimated approx 500 people live in Niclogia,but only 21 of the territorial citizens are registered. Politically it is a Dictatorial Republic, with the Royal President living in Fors, with the Royal Family.

Niclogia's experience of War on Taxes involved only Poltical support to Noliga to help to end the war. Niclogia has been giving political support also in MPG, whe there was a civil war in Mouzilo.

Following the end of the civil war, President Nico Fors proposed Manu to give the dcisionpower of laws to the citizens, if the Parliament dosnt work, and Manu eventually gave the power to the people cause of the help from Niclogia.


 The name Niclogia comes from the name of the founder and the 1st President Nico, and from greek word logos.


  •  Monarchic Republic of Niclogia was founded on 2010
  • Monarchic Republic of Niclogia dissolved on 2011
  • Republic of Niclogia was established on 27th May 2012
  • In September 2012
    • President of Niclogia created a social media of its own named Social Niclogia, and claimed it as a part of Niclogia.
    • Niclogia accepted Micros.
    • Niclogia Unclaimed Helsinki.
    • Niclogia Claimed
      • Hans Island
      • Sothern Queen Maud Land
      • Marie Byrd Land
      • Nordaustlandet
    • Niclogia joined in to Micronations United Association.
    • Niclogia divided for 2 different nations, Arkto Imperio & Niclogia 
    • Arkto Imperio & Niclogia created Commonwealth of Niclogia.
  • October, 7th 2012 Nico Fors founded the World Union.
  • In  September 17th Niclogia transformed into Federal Republic
  • In January 4th, 2013, Niclogia became Royal Federal Republic
  • In January 30th of 2013, Niclogia took InterSols in use as currency.

Government and politics

The constitution


  • Respect Love
  • Respect Peace
  • Respect Equality

1.Be Respectful 

  • Respect others and their Privacy
  • Respect nature in everyway

2.Be Good

  • Dont kill anyone
  • Dont steal anything
  • Dont rape anyone
  • Dont do anything against human rights

3.Be Loyal

  • Dont cheat your partner in official relationship
  • Dont betrate your friends or family
  • Dont betrate your nation

4.Be original

  • Dont steal anyones creation, and claim it as yours

5.Be friendly

  • Do not attack anyone in a personal level
  • Do not beat up anyone or act violent in any form

6.Be Rightful

  • Do not treat anyone in the way you dont want they treat yourself

7.Be Free

  • You have artistic freedom to express yourself
  • You have freedom of Religion
  • You have freedom to express your sexual orientation.
  • You are free to do anything & everything that respects the Constitution and the Laws of Federal Republic of Niclogia!

Foreign relations

International Organizations

Niclogia is member of:

  • Micronations United Association


  1. Daniel-Landic flagDaniel-Land
  2. 1000px-Flag of New Zealand.svgRepublic of Stars
  3. HasanistanHasanistan
  4. UKBKTHG- flag kingdomTemplar Kingdom
  5. Flag of SmalliaSmallia

Diplomatic Relations

  1. Imvrassia Imvrassia
  2. UKBKTHG- flag kingdomTemplar Kingdom
  3. 800px-Flag of Aerica.svgAerican Empire

Niclogia Regornizes

All the Members of World Union, Iberian Union, Bir Tawil Union, MUA, and all of its Allies and Nations wich have Diplomatic Relations with it.

Niclogia also regornizes only Provinces of Macronations

and lots of Micronations.

Other regornized areas

  • Catalunya (has the right to selfdetermination)
  • French Guyana (consept of colony is obsolete)
  • Gitania Republic (has the right to selfdetermination)
  • Hawaii (ilegally invaded by the USA)
  • Kosovo (91 UN states recognise the independence of Kosovo)
  • Kurdistan (has the right to selfdetermination)
  • Palestine (West Bank & Gaza / ilegally invaded by Israel)
  • Spanish Sahara (ilegally invaded by Marocco)
  • the third Spanish Republic
  • Taiwan (has the right to selfdetermination)
  • Tibet (ilegally invaded by China)
  • Åland Islands
  • Karelia
800px-Karelia in Russia.svg

Karelia in Red

  • Lapland (Areas, wich are not included in Sami area)
  • Ladonia
  • Aerica
  • Sealand
  • Sami (Blue in the Map)
  • Denmark (Red in the Map)



 Military of Niclogia is formed from the Guard and Police forces.

It is similar to the Military of Stream, cause Stream is also part of Niclogia.


Police of Niclogia is formed from all 18-40 year old male citizens.


Guard of Niclogia is formed from all over 18-40 year old female citizens.



Niclogia usez one main newspaper, the Nyclonese Nations.


Niclogia has 2 official Television sations.

And they are

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