Nikola Lasica

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Nikola Lasica

1st President of the Federation of West Antarctica

Name: Nikola Lasica
Nationality: Serbian
Date of Birth: February 2, 1984
Birthplace: Kragujevac, Serbia
Alma Mater: University of Kragujevac
Profession: Philologist
Religion: Serbian Orthodox

Nikola Lasica (born February 2, 1984) is the president of the Federation of West Antarctica, and the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs. He is one of the founders of this micronation. Since February 20, 2010, he is also the Vice-Secretary of the AMU.


Nikola Lasica was born in Kragujevac, Serbia ( which then was a part of Yugoslavia). The youngest child in his family, he has a sister Gorica. He grew up during the most difficult period in his nation's history - dissolution of once great country, civil wars, Yugoslav hyperinflation of 1993, and UN embargo against Yugoslavia which culminated in 1999 Nato bombing of Serbia. These circumstances of his childhood influenced his political views and ideas. As a high-school student, Nikola was a sympathizer of Otpor! during the 2000 election protests and became an ardent supporter of Serbian Democratic Party. Nikola was active in Serbian NGO sector from 2001-2009 and participated in numerous activities focused on HIV/AIDS prevention and education. Since late 2009, he is a member of Democratic Party.

Political views

Nikola is a firm democrat and a strong believer in democracy. He strongly opposes totalitarian and one-party systems. Although a religious man himself, he firmly believes in secularism. He considers the Unilateral Declaration of Independence, proclaimed by the interim administration of Kosovo as a total violation of International law. Republic of West Antarctica regards Kosovo as a constitutional territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Federation of West Antarctica

Nikola was one of the founders of the Federation of West Antarctica, possibly the first Serbian micronation. Although a young nation, it became a useful member of Antarctic community. Nikola found a friend in Niels I of Flandrensis with whom he shares the idea of a better micronational community. He participated in GAMA reorganization of 2010, and created the current emblem of AMU.

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