Noble Family of Polkburg

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House of Polkburg
House of Polkburg Coat of Arms
Country Unironia
Parent house Polk Family

House of Woods (non-agnatic)

Titles Prince Polkburg
  • Baron of Scrchio
Founder James, Prince Polkburg
Current head James, Prince Polkburg
Founding year 1997 (Dynastic)

2011 (Political)

Deposition 2011: Miklor
Ethnicity Unironic
The House of Polkburg is a Unironic Princely House that currently presides over the Barony of Scrchio


The House of Polkburg was founded in 2011 to rule the Old Duchy of Polkburg during the Unironic Kingdom (June 2011) a failed state. after the fall of the kingdom the House was forgotten until the foundation of the Ling Empire in which the Head of the Polkburgs was made "Ling Emperor in Lingshee" Lingshee being the name of Polkburg in Batrani Semul after the fall of the Lings Nathan I of Polkburg held on to the title until in October of 2012 when it was taken by Conan May (Conan I Augustus) who was recognized by the Emperor of Unironia because Nathan had supported pro-ling rebels and had given them asylum until January 2013. After Conan eventually abdicated he was replaced by Nathan McNamara who`s regnal name in Polkburg would be Nathan II 

The House of Polkburg remained in the shadows until June of 2014 when the Emperor of Unironia granted them a Barony as required in the Imperial Charter this barony is the Barony of Scrchio

Relation to the House of Carnot

The reason why the House of Polkburg even exists is because they are maternally related to the Emperor of Unironia by way of the House of Woods

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