Noble Order of the Knights of Terra

"To All the Right"
Official religion(s) Secular (All)
Short name Terran Knights
Demonym Secular
Government Knights Commandry
- Knights Grand Commander Lothian I
- Last election - Annually on September 13th
Established Friday September 13, 2013
Area claimed The World
National animal The Dove of Peace

The Noble Order of the Knights of Terra or to be called, The Knights Terran, is established this the Sixteenth day of September, in the year Two Thousand Thirteen.  The Knights Terran shall be a "secular" order of knights from all religious casts, responsible for the protection of ALL religious freedoms and the right to worship as one sees fit to.

The Knights Terran shall also be assigned duties within the Holy City of Jerusalem specifically for the purpose of protecting those pilgrims to this ancient city and to protect their individual rights to pray in that Holy CIty.

The Terran Commandry

The Knights Terran activities, duties, and orders shall be governed within the Terran Commandry.  The Commandry shall be headed by the Knights Grand Commander.  The Commandry shall have four (4) separate Divisions, each headed by its own Knights Commander who will in turn answer to the Knights Grand Commander.  These Knights Commanders shall be responsible for overseeing the Knights Bachelors, Companions, and Squires of their individual Division.

The Red Line

The Knights Terran exist as the buffer between that which would be seen as right and wrong, worth and worthless, good and evil.  Like the light that rises with the dawning of a new day, the Knights Terran shall stand as a "Red Line" between the light and the darkness that comes with the oppression of free thought, free religion, and freedom itself.  They shall honor all as they would honor themselves. The Oath of the Knights Terran will be foresworn by all that is Holy to them personally and foresworn in the presents of their fellow Knights.

Oath of a Knights Terran

In that place which the candidate finds most Holy to himself/herself and in the presents of at least three (3) confirmed Knights Terran, they shall repeat this vow for all to hear:

I kneel in homage and vow to that which I know as most sacred.

When I stand, I shall stand for all, I shall be a Knight of Terra.

I will be he that stands between the light and the darkness.

I will be the Red Line that no darkness shall cross.

I will defend the weak, free the oppressed, and do no wrong.

Commandry Divisions

Although currently there are four (4) Divisions within the Commandry at this time, thata number could grow with the growth of potential Knights Terran membership.  The Divisions are as listed:

1.  Western Division - encompasses all of North & South America and their adjacent Island States.

2.  European Division - encompasses those nations/states of the current european geography.

3.  African Division - encompasses those nations/states of Africa, Sanai, & the Arabian peninsula.

4.  Asian Division - encompasses nations/states of Asia, Australia, & the Pacific Islands.

These Divisions will be further broken down into Brigades then, Regiments then, Companies as the Order grows.

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