Vestmann Icelandic


The Symbols of the Nordic language
Total speakers 1
Language family Indo-European
Writing system Latin alphabet

Nordic is a adapted Icelandic language named after the old language Icelandic originates from(Old Norse). The Language consists of changes in word orders and plural words. The only word to have its spelling changed entirely is "Volcano" which has been changed to the Irish word "Bolcán".


In normal Nordic speech they use SOV (Subject-Object-Verb) unlike the Icelandic language, who use SVO (Subject-Verb-Object) like the English. Here are some examples:

  • Hún hann elskaè Translated into English -> She him loves

Like the Icelandic language the order of the words change when asking a question. Questions in Nordic are SVO (Icelandic isn't) and would be ordered like:

  • The þú vilja að lesa bókè Translated into English -> Do you want to read books?

Plural & SingularEdit

In the creation of Nordic, it was decided that the Icelandic plural words would be abolished for a much easier technique of recognising a plural word. Singular words can easily be converted into a plural by simply adding 'è' on the end. In the Nordic language it is incredibly easy to pronounce. It is like adding the English word "air" on the end of each singular word. e.g borgair (The pronunciation is borgair but is not spelt that way)


number case masculine feminine neuter neuter
singular nom. hattur borg glas gler
acc. hatt borg glas gler
dat. hatti borg glasi gleri
gen. hatts borgar glass glers
plural nom. hatturè borgè glasè glerè
acc. hattè borgè glasè glerè
dat. hattiè borgè glasiè gleriè
gen. hattsè borgarè glassè glersè


case 1st person 2nd person 3rd person
masculine feminine neuter
singular nom. ég þú hann hún það
acc. mig þig hann hana það
dat. mér þér honum henni því
gen. mín þín hans hennar þess
plural nom. égè þúè hannè húnè þaðè
acc. migè þigè hannè hanaè þaðè
dat. mérè þérè honumè henniè þvíè
gen. mínv þínè hansè hennarè þessè

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