Sovereign Micronation of the Nordic Democratic Kingdom
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Frihet og likhet for alle (Norwegian; liberty and equality for all)
"Min nordiske Hjem/My Nordic Home", words by Kyler LaViollette (Music: Evening Prayer from Hansel and Gretel by Englebert Humperdinck)
Washington State, United States; Facebook group
Capital city St. Olaf (planned)
Largest city Olympia; Point Roberts
Official language(s) Norwegian, English
Official religion(s) Secular, but the Monarchs are Lutheran
Short name Nordic Kingdom
Demonym Norse; Norsemen, Norsewomen
Government Constitutional monarchy; legislative direct democracy
- Monarch(s) King Gustav and Queen Grace
- Chancellor Crown Princess Chelsea
Legislature Senate
- Type - Unicameral
- Last election - Convened March 12, 2015
Established August 16, 2014
Area claimed 2.5 acres
Population 28
Currency U.S Dollar (official), Bitcoin (endorsed)
National sport Football (soccer)
National dish PVC Stew
National drink Beer
National animal Grey Wolf
Patron saint St. Olaf

The Nordic Kingdom, officially the Sovereign Micronation of the Nordic Democratic Kingdom, is a self-proclaimed micronation that was founded on August 16, 2014‎ by Kyler LaViollette.


The Kingdom was declared an independent sovereign nation on August 16, 2014 by Kyler LaViollette. It was originally intended as an experiment to see if it could be done; finding that it could, he took the name Gustav, crowned himself Monarch. On August 17, he formed a Monarchical Partnership with a good friend, and she became Queen Grace. Because they're not married, each of their bloodlines is royal. Together, they rule as equals over the Kingdom. The Kingdom adopted a flag on August 18, 2014. In September, King Gustav renamed his small piece of land St. Olaf, within the larger city of Olympia, Washington State, United States; Point Roberts, Washington, where Queen Grace rules, is part of the Kingdom.

On March 12, 2015, the Nordic Senate was officially convened as a Facebook group. It is through this group that the Kingdom's affairs are conducted when not in convention.

On May 21, 2015, King Gustav declared that a Ministry was created and up for grabs. The seats will be decided in a vote starting on June 1st.

On June 14th, 2015, the Senate will be convened physically for the first time. At the convention, King Gustav will announce the winners of the election, as well as appointed seats. The constitution will also be ratified, formalizing the Kingdom as a micronation.

On June 16th, 2015 through August 15th, 2015, Crown Princess Chelsea assumed the Norse Throne as Lady Regent, since both Monarchs were away on business. During her tenure, bills regarding parental leave and the creation of a state militia were proposed, although decisive votes have yet to be achieved.

Government & Politics

The Kingdom is run by a very unique form of government. It is headed by a constitutional hereditary monarchy that shares a good deal of power with the Senate. The official title of the ruler is the gender-neutral Monarch, making the Kingdom one of the first micro- or macronations to adopt this. However, the ruler may opt to pick a gender-specific title if they wish. If two Monarchs are ruling, as a marriage or partnership, they rule as equals, and one has no more power than the other. The official full title and style is:

His/Her/Their Majesty, King/Queen/Monarch [Name], Lord of the Mountains/Lady of the Meadows (if only one monarch, they take both Mountains and Meadows; gender-neutral is Ruler), Protector Sovereign of the Realm and the Norse.

Below the Monarch is the legislative body, officially called the Senate. They are comprised of every person over 16. In this way, the Kingdom is actually a direct democracy ruled by a monarchy.

Any person over 16 is eligible to vote.

Law & Order

The Kingdom is very advocative of tolerance and equality. Tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana are legal and regulated responsibly, as is prostitution. Anyone who is a citizen (of any level) may marry anyone they wish; the only conditions are that both parties are over 18 and polygamy/arranged marriage is illegal. Crime is dealt with swiftly and safely. Most offenses are dealt with by probationary periods, and most felonies are dealt with with 1 or 5 year prison sentences. Crimes that involve the accidental death of a person are punishable by much longer prison sentences, up to life. Capital crimes, like murder, are punishable by firing squad.

Foreign Relations

The Kingdom has to grow a little before it can open diplomatic channels, but the King is drawing up proposals for outreach within the next six months. The Kingdom views the Nordic countries, primarily Norway, as its macronational allies.


The Kingdom is in the process of forming a small, volunteer militia to be funded when the Kingdom attains a larger population.

Geography & Climate


Its location in Western Washington means that the Kingdom is primarily besieged by clouds and overcast weather for half of the year, but it can recieve snowstorms and bright sunny days just as easily.


The economy of the Libertarian Kingdom is primarily self-sustained, with goods bought from Seattle and Olympia.

The official currency is the U.S Dollar.

The Kingdom is one of the first micronations or macronations to officially endorse the use of the cybercurrency Bitcoin.


Because the Kingdom is so tiny as of the present moment, it has adopted the culture of the surrounding area as its own for the time being. The Olympia Symphony Orchestra is the National Orchestra of the Nordic Kingdom, while the Student Orchestras of Greater Olympia are it's National Youth Orchestras; neither of these designations are recognized officially. While the Codex says that the Kingdom is to offically be secular, the ruling Monarchs are both Lutheran Prostestant Christians.

The official foods are pelmeni (Russian dumplings) and PVC Stew, a thick soup made of potato, vegetable (carrot and celery), and chicken.

The national hymn/anthem is an arrangement of the Evening Prayer from Engelbert Humperdinck's opera Hänsel und Gretel. The arrangement and lyrics are by King Gustav. NOTE: the video is not that arrangement.

The official march to be used in processions, international athletic events, and other grand occasions is Procession of the Nobles by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov.

The official victory march is Preussens Gloria . This is used in parades, military reviews, and occasions of celebration.

The official battle march is When Johnny Comes Marching Home.

The official funeral march is an arrangement of Denn alles Fleisch, es ist wie Gras from Brahms' German Requiem. NOTE: the video is not that arrangement.

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