The Kingdom of Northern Leominshire
Norleomin Flag

No cuts no fees
"All hail, King Meme"
Norleomin The blue dot is Treyvis, the red dot is Aparto, the pink dot is Pac, the brown dot is Whalom, the black dot is Norwood, The green dot is Babs, and the yellow dot is Treefort Trove.
Capital city Norwood
Largest city Treyvis
Official language(s) English, Hsilgne
Official religion(s) Athiesm, Christianity
Demonym Northern Leomen
Government Monarchy, Democracy
- President Joshua Kalinowski
- King Jason Stone
- Governer Travis Reid
Legislature Parliament
Established October 14, 2012
Area claimed 2-6 miles
Population 10 (Citizens) 3,000+ (Residents of claimed boundaries)
Currency North Leominster Dollar, United States Dollar
Time zone EST
National drink AMP Energy
National animal Cat

Norleomin, officially, the Kingdom of Northern Leominshire is a micronation founded in October of 2012. The Kingdom was formed as a result of planning between 6 citizens, with the aim of being recognized by the United Nations, and as a way to prove that the government that was formed is capable to govern. Norleomin is an absolute monarchy, with a touch of democracy. The current head of government is Jason Stone, and the current head of state is Joshua Kalinowski. The nation is bilingual, with English being the more common language, and Hsilgne being used less often.


Norleomin was the corporate university of Joshua Kalinowski, and Jason Stone, with additional planning from friends. It was officially established on October 14, 2012 (Liberty day), and the nation's Declaration of Independence, and Constitution are in first draft.


Norleomin consists of seven cities, and currently one provincial state. The seven cities are Treyvis, Norwood, Aparto, Babs, Pac, Treefort Trove, and Whalom. The current provincial state is Northern Leominster. Most of the land consists of industrialized city, with a few forests, and beaches. The climate varies from summer to winter, maintaining a steady cold in the winter, and a warm weathered summer.


Norleomin is an absolute monarchy that also has democracy. The head of government. is a King whom is in office until death, where than the closest relative takes over. Each year, a president is elected by popular vote as the head of state, whom in turn appoints a Governer to the Provincial States.

Foreign AffairsEdit

An alliance has been formed between Vetria and Norleomin.


The Knights of Jason are the official military of the Kingdom, the elite force, armed with Paintball Guns, Airsoft Guns, and BB guns, has engaged in one conflict to date, against terrorism.


The Kingdom receives vital monetary values from the Corporate Universities, which are than used in trade with the United States.


According to the 2012 census, the Kingdom has allocated a total of 10 citizens, out of the 3,000 people in the area the Kingdom claims.


Currently, the education for the Kingdom is allocated to the United States.

Diplomatic RelationsEdit


Smallia Empire of Smallia since 28th October 2012

Vetriaflagdesign1 Vetria since 29th October 2012

Monovishnewflag Monovia since 29th October 2012