Kingdom of North Sudan
Flag of the Kingdom of North Sudan
Coat of Arms

Bir Tawil
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Protestantism
Demonym North Sudanese
Government Absolute monarchy
- King Jeremiah
Established 16 June, 2014
Population 5

North Sudan, officially the Kingdom of North Sudan[1][2] is a micronation which claims Bir Tawil, a small uninhabited and unclaimed area between Egypt and Sudan.



In 2013, Jeremiah Heaton and his daughter were playing in their home in Virginia, United States when his daughter, Emily, asked if she could become a "real princess". Mr Heaton, a father of three who works in the mining industry, didn’t want to make any false promises to Emily, then six years old, who was “big on being a princess”. But he still said yes.


On June 16, 2014, Heaton trekked to Bir Tawil, planted a homemade flag, and claimed the region as "the Kingdom of North Sudan". He told reporters he intends to pursue official recognition from Egypt, Sudan and the African Union.


This act has not come without criticism. Several micronationalists have voiced their opposition against North Sudan. [citation needed]

Bim Adewunmi of The Guardian questioned, "Are white people still allowed to do this kind of stuff in 2014?" Adewunmi continued by stating, "If ever there were a deed that exemplified the term 'white privilege', surely this is it."


External linksEdit - official website of the Kingdom of North Sudan.

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