NottaLotta Acres
NLA flag thumbnailNLA Grand-Coat of Arms

(None Official)
Better Loved Ye Cannot Be, NottaLotta Acres (traditional)
Kansas, North America
Official language(s) American English
Official religion(s) Christian (unofficial)
Demonym NottaLottan
Government Constitutional Oligarchy
- Secretary Secretariat Son III
- Sovereign Pope Pompous the Last
- Chancellor Son IV
Established April 26, 2008
Area claimed 10 acres
Population 4
Currency NottaLottan Crown
Time zone GMT -5

NottaLotta Acres is the name of a micronation located in Kansas, spanning an area of 10 acres square, which declared its sovereignty on August 1, 2009. NottaLotta Acres fulfills all of the four requirements of the Montevideo Convention for declarative statehood. Notable features of the land include a six-foot deep pond, several acres of open pasture, and the highest point for miles around, a 100-foot silo.


NottaLotta Acres, being a unitary state, has instituted a Constitutional Oligarchy as its form of government, based on familial ties, and it is officiated by the High Office of Legal Intercession & Cabinet, or "Holi C".  The Holi C is an entity in and of itself, officiating only micronational issues, and has little bearing on the people or land of NottaLotta Acres.  It is, however, almost universally recognized as the government of NottaLotta Acres.  The Holi C made the informal decision in January, 2010, to withdraw from further relations with other micronations, save that of actual, personal contact.

Pope Pompous the LastEdit

The sovereign head of state of NottaLotta Acres is His Popishness Pope Pompous the Last.  His Popishness is advised by the Cabinet.  He is the father-figure of the Oligarchical family of NottaLotta Acres, and is vital for the continuity of NottaLottan sovereignty, hence the suffix, "the Last". This office may be officiated by the Pope's wife, in lieu of his actual decisions, therefore she also bears the same title.

Secretary SecretariatEdit

{C The head of the High Office of Legal Intercession & Cabinet is the Secretary Secretariat, the office of which is currently held by His Excellency Son III.  His Excellency officiates foreign policy and all external interactions for NottaLotta Acres, as well as setting governmental policy under the direction and authority of Pope Pompous the Last.


{C The Chancellor, His Chancellorship Son IV, officiates all court proceedings and presides over all military actions, hence his secondary title of President of the Military, within parameters set by the Secretary Secretariat, and is a Lieutenant General under Pope Pompous.



On August 17, 2006, the oligarchical family purchased ten square acres of a privately owned tract of land in Kansas, and has since settled and declared it sovereign territory. This remains the sole, territorial home of NottaLotta Acres, and is therefore the object of all governmental business.
NottaLotta Acres sattelite

NottaLotta Acres as seen from the air. The American state of Kansas lies without the borders of NottaLotta Acres.

Foreign PolicyEdit

The Holi C declared in 2009 that it does not recognize the sovereignty of the United Nations, nor the European Union, and has placed pragmatic and economic sanctions on Vatican City and the Order of Malta.  On November 29, 2009, NottaLotta Acres became a member of the Organization of Active Micronations, later resigning due to the adoption of a non-interventionist policy by the Holi C.

Since May 28, 2011, the Department of State has been formed for international relations.

Flag of United States of America / Kansas FlagUnited States and KansasEdit

{C The NottaLottan Constitution grants special diplomacy with the United States and with Kansas, authorizing finances from NottaLottans to be exported to them on an individual level, for whatever amount is asked of them. NottaLottans, both traditionally and as a matter of law, identify themselves as Americans, and conduct themselves so as to be in keeping with U.S. and Kansan laws and customs. As NottaLotta Acres has never declared independence from the U.S. or Kansas, this does not present any conflict of interests.

Coleraine Rose Flag The Kingdom of ColeraineEdit

{C On November 27, 2009, after nearly two days of deliberations, the Holi C granted limited recognition to the Kingdom of Coleraine.  While grounds directly controlled by Colerain representatives are respected, the NottaLottan government does not recognize any territory within Kansas claimed by the kingdom which is not under direct Colerain control.

Zonian Flag Zonian ConfederacyEdit

{C The Holi C recognized the Zonian Confederacy as a sovereign entity on November 29, 2009, and entered into a "neutral protection pact", thus beginning the policy of defense of the interests of the mutually agreeing nations. This pact ended, however, when the Zonian Confederacy "nearly provocateured a war" via deception between NottaLotta Acres and the SUNP, which temporarily ended all relations between NottaLotta Acres and Zona for several weeks. The two nations reunited, however, during their involvement in the Austenasian Civil War, both being former members of the Allied Carolinian Coalition and current members of the Aegis Alliance.

Savoie flag Kingdom of SavoyEdit

{C On December 14, 2009, the Holi C recognized the Kingdom of Savoy, which agreed to a mutual defense agreement with NottaLotta Acres.

Secundomia Official Flag Secundomia (now part of the Eran Federation)Edit

{C On December 19, 2009, the Holi C recognised "unspecified tracts of land" in counties in north-easternmost Kansas claimed by Secundomia. Though indeed unspecified, the Holi C recognizes the entire Kansan counties privately disclosed by Secundomia as Secundomian territory, but the actual extent of Secundomian soil is yet to be determined.

Imperial Flag Ohio EmpireEdit

{C The Holi C offered the Ohio Empire recognition and mutual defense, which Ohioan Emperor Malum I accepted on December 22, 2009.

Flag of Austenasia AustenasiaEdit

On March 7, 2010, the Holi C recognized Princess Caroline as the rightful heir to the diputed throne of Emperor of Austenasia, thus tentatively recognizing the Empire of Austenasia, but only if she was Empress at the end of the Austenasian Civil War. NottaLotta Acres was also a founding member of the Allied Carolinian Coalition, a loose-knit, militaristic and political alliance of pro-Carolinian governments, but it dissolved on April 2, 2010, before making any effective involvement in the war. NottaLotta Acres remained in a state of war with Austenasia until the Treaty of Ruskin Road was ratified on May 24, 2010. On Spetember 13th, 2010, a parley with the Austenasian resulted in the withdrawal of NottaLottan support for the Carolinian claim.

Imperial Republic Flag Wiki Republic of Nemkhavia (now Nemkhav Federation).Edit

{C On March 20, NottaLotta Acres agreed to formal relations with the Republic of Nemkhavia, whose leadership had previously been on friendly terms with the Secretary Secretariat of the Holi C since Nemkhavia's membership in the now defunct SUNP.


Chancellor SonIV small

Chancellor Son IV

NottaLottan Roundel

NottaLottan Military Roundel

NottaLotta Acres provides its citizenry the protection of a military, the Army, whose stated purpose is, "... for the repelling of invasion and suppression of rebellion." The Army is specifically geared for land-only missions, and it is equipped with surface-to-air and surface-to-surface missile capabilities and technology, as well as general firearms. NottaLottans previously kept a navy, but it was abolished due to inactivity.

Conscription is allowed by the Constitution, but only in the event of a lack of personnel within the military so that operations are hindered; however, no person is to serve in the military against their own free will.


NLA Army Flag

NottaLottan Army Flag

The NottaLottan Army is comprised of infantry, artillery, and armored vehicles; with three personnel permanently holding these positions, it is the main defense force of the nation. Armed with lethal, less than lethal, and non-lethal weaponry, training exercises and actual deployment require the Army to be constantly standing, with the Chancellor presiding.

While many of the details about the NLA Army are considered classified, it has been publicly stated that the NLA Army will accept ammunition mostly in .177 caliber, as well as shotgun ammunition in 12, 20, and 410 gauges.

Recent deployment has mainly consisted of lethal force against predator infestations, a veritable plague to NottaLotta Acres.

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