Democratic Republic of Noveffia
Respubliko Demokratia de Noveffio (Esperanto)
Republik Demokratik Noveffia (Indonesian)
Muwivuc Noveffia (Noveff)
Flag of NoveffiaEmblem of Noveffia

Pacific Northwest, proposed claim in Antarctica
Official language(s) English, Esperanto, Indonesian, Noveff
Demonym Noveff
Government Democratic republic
- President Lee Monroe
Legislature Parliament
Established August 25, 2013
Population 4
Internet Domain .nva (proposed)

Noveffia, officially the Democratic Republic of Noveffia, is a democratic republic located in the Pacific Northwest of North America. Its president and first citizen is Lee Monroe and the next elections will be held when there are 15 citizens or by 2014 if there are more than 6 citizens. Officially, Noveffia recognizes 4 languages, English, Esperanto, Indonesian and Noveff but in practice all citizens speak English natively.

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