Novum Terrum et Sandus: Ordus 010510 New Sandum Territory: Order 010510

Sandum Latin Version

Ego, baronum Sandus, Domum Nova Scirelanda declares. Cette Cameron Falby rules, jusqua ego, baronum Sandus est, Noblum Domus appointi alles. Cette Domus respectum countiai Noblum Domum fari alles. Nova Scirelanda Sandum loisumi est, et cette rechtumi donati – respectum loisusi paya populum et fares. Noblum Nova Scirelanda membrum «Honorum Salla», «Centrum Bureaum» «Civilum Councila»; et, Governum cette autonoma donati alles, por populum vulum governus fares. Maisa representatusi, en respectum ordus, «Centrum Bureaum» «Civilum Councila»; et, toutum civilusi et residentusi [en cette] rechtumi registeri ajoini et donati, «Generum Assemblus» en 7 Janviera 2010, a 23:59.

English Version

I, the Baron of Sandus, declare the new Manor of New Scireland. This established Manor shall come under the jurisdiction of Cameron Falby until I, as Baron of Sandus, award and appoint a Noble for the Manor. The Manor shall be given respective counties as appointed by the newly appointed Noble. New Scireland shall be under the jurisdiction of all Sandum laws and shall be given the right, herein, to create respective laws for its territory and populous. The Noble of New Scireland shall be become a member of the Honour Room of the Central Board of the Citizens’ Council and the government therein shall be given autonomy in order to create the Peoples’ wished government. However, representatives will be sent in respective order to the Central Board of the Citizens’ Council and all citizens and residents therein shall be given the right to register and join the General Assembly after 7 January 2010 at 23:59.


Guillaume Sœrgèl

Baronum Sandus

Baron of Sandus

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