Nuova Campania
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Official Coat of Arms

Motto Veni Vidi Vici
Capital State New Bluetonia
Government Constitutional Monarchy


Emperor Blue I
Official language(s) English, Neapolitan, Italian
Demonym Neocampani (Nuova Campanians)

unofficial - Resini

Established 11 January 2014
Area claimed 2030m2
Population 5
Currency Tree Resin
Religion Roman Catholicism
National Sport Soccer (football)

Nuova Campania (in english New Campania) is an micronation located on the continent of Australia. It was founded on the 11th of January 2014.


On the 11th January 2014, Nuova Campania was founded under the name of Bluetonia.


Nuova Campania owns New Bluetonia, a territory in Victoria and Nuova Campania also owns a region in Safety Beach on the Mornington Peninsula. Nuova Campania also claims a small uninhabited island, called Resin Island located in gardiners creek, however this is unofficial because the Australian Government continues to declare it as public property.  


Nuova Campania's current currency is Tree Resin which is simply the hard crystal like substance that seeps from an injured tree. Some people call it 'tree sap'. Nuova Campania's hopes to create a new currency, 'Neocampani Lire''.


Nuova Campania have 4 sporting clubs that play in national sporting tournaments; the 4 clubs are; U.S Gialloazzuri Sharks, High Street Gardens FC Bluetonia Palace FC and Resin Island Ducks. The main sports these clubs compete in are Soccer and Calcio di Aqua (a sport made by the Resini people). Nuova Campania has a national FIFA Ultimate Team soccer team. They are also currently developing a national futsal team. Their national futsal jersey is currently blue, green and burgundy with the variant flag on the right breast. In the future it hopes to create a national soccer team.

Nuova Campania - Nazionale Sportiva Logo

Nuova Campania national soccer team official logo © 


In November 2015 the Kingdom of Bluetonia was officially changed to the 'Empire of Eastern Avellino', it was again changed to Nuova Campania on the 24th of July 2016.

National Flag

Flag Date
IMG 7683
2014 - 2015 Historical Flag of the Kingdom of Bluetonia
IMG 7687
2015 - July 2016 This flag was the flag of the Empire of Eastern Avellino. It was only a formal flag and only on display at Emperor Blue's Palace.
IMG 7690
2015 - Present Variant Flag of Nuova Campania
2017-Present Official Flag of Nuova Campania. The droplet represents a drop of tree sap.
Flag Date Use
IMG 7688
2015 - September 2015 Historic Flag of the Eastern Avellinese Army
FullSizeRender (4)
September 2015 - Present Flag of the Eastern Avellinese Army


Flag Name Location Area
IMG 7691
Province of Bluetonia Melbourne 1380m2

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