King Octavius is best known as King and founder of the Kingdom of Lanaa  

Octavius I
High King of The Kingdom of Lanaa
Predecessor office established
High King of The Kingdom of Lanaa
April 12th, 2014-
Predecessor office established
Successor Incumbent
Prime Minister of The Chicagoland federation
April 14, 2014-
Predecessor Office Established
Successor Incumbent
Personal Information
Born September 13, 1996
Illinois, USA
Nationality American, Lanaar
Ethnicity Scottish, Norwegian, Swedish
Political party Constitutional Republican-Democratic Party of Lanaa
Religion Christian
Military service
Battles/wars Battle of Khazad-Dum

He created the micronation in 2011. He is known for being an ardent opponent of marxism of any sort. He believes in a free market and freedoms for the common man. Therefore, he is part of the Constitutional Republican-Democratic Party of Lanaa, which emphasizes people's rights and strict interpretation of the Lanaar Constitution. 

Beginnings of Lanaa

Before Lanaa was formed in 2011 and King Octavius had not yet taken the name Octavius, he was the leader of a quasi-micronation called the Amry Club. This club began in 2005, and by the time he left the club in 2010, it had started to become a nation, with its own bank, post-office, and law enforcement. Nick, as he was called at the time, was unhappy with the new focus of the club. He believed that the club's only purpose was to train members for combat and raise an army. Therefore, he quit. Nearly a year later, Nick decided that he liked the idea of having a nation, but he did not wish to make the club into a nation. He started his own nation called Lanaa, which began as a tribal nation, with cultural influences from Native American tribes. This changed within a few weeks, and the country was renamed the Lanaa Empire, due to its reorganization as a Rome-like empire. King Nick took the name Octavius at this point, but he was unhappy with the government, so he again changed it to a European feudal system, in which fiefs were assigned to important, powerful people. The country would not become a constitutional monarchy until January of 2012 and would not drop the feudal system until 2014.

Political Views  

King Octavius is the founder of the Constitutional Republican-Democratic Party of Lanaa or CRD. He believes in a rigid contstitution and strict interpretation of it. He believes in uncompromising rights of the people such as free-speech, freedom of religion, right to bear arms, etc. The CRD is influenced heavily by many American parties and movements, such as the Constitution Party, the Libertarian Party, and the Tea Party movement. This party is considered to be on the right-wing of the political spectrum, This party's overall goal is to stay out of the way of the people while maintaining order and justice. King Octavius also harbors a hatred for communism, socialism, or any type of dictatorship, despotism, authoritarianism, or any other such government which oppresses its people.

Military Service

King Octavius has served in multiple military conflicts, but only one true war. The Kingdom of Lanaa has declared war twice in its entire existence. It declared war against Imaitopia in the Lanaa-AC war, and it declared war against the Chicagoland federation, but never fought a battle in the latter war. King Octavius fought in all the skirmishes and conflicts of the Lanaa-AC war, leading up to The Battle of Khazad-Dum, which ended the war, King Octavius also fought many wars while he was the leader of the AC, before Lanaa was created. These are not considered to be true wars however, since the AC was not truly a nation.

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