Olekism is the official religion of Angrignon. It was founded in 2012 by St. Aidan. The religion was founded in Montreal, Canada, after St. Aidan discovered a sacred book in a library.


Olekists, or Olekites, believe in the Horned God, not to be confused with Satan. Olek is the prophet of the Horned God, and is known as the Son of the Horned God, but Olek was not produced by the Horned God. Olek was chosen to be the prophet.

Olekism is not the only religion to worship the Horned God. Wicca, a new religious movement, also worships the Horned God as well as the Olekists.


Olek was born in what is now northern Germany. He was born around 450 AD and he died around 500 AD. He is always depicted wearing a one-piece wolf fur suit and a horned helmet.

There was a food crisis in Olek's time. The trees and bushes bore no fruit, and the ground was infertile. When Olek was around thirty years old, the Horned God spoke to him, telling him that the gift of the Horned God will be given to him, and that he will be able to create portals into the Realm of Manna. This realm will have lots of food, and the people may gather some there.

After the Horned God spoke to Olek, Olek went to the people and told them that he could create a portal to the Realm of Manna. He then demonstrated his power by opening a portal to the Realm of Manna, and went in. The people followed.

In the Realm of Manna, there was Manna (wafer-like food) in piles on top of each grassy hill that there was. The people took the manna, and went back to their world, and the food crisis was solved. The people then worshipped idols and paintings of Olek and the Horned God.

The religion was believed to have disappeared because of ancient Olekists being converted to Christianity by Anglo-Saxon pilgrims.


The afterlife for the Olekists is the previously mentioned Realm of Manna. There, manna will be available to all. In the Realm of Manna, no one shall throw up the manna they ate. Nor shall anyone feel pain in their belly.

Sacred Texts

The Sacred Text of Olekism is the Parentus, the book found by St. Aidan in his local library. The Parentus contains the story of Olek, all the commandments of the Horned God, and the wisdom of the Grandma-Pa tree.

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