Operation Atlantis, was the name of a new-country project founded by Werner Stiefel in the late 1960's. Inspired by the libertarian capitalist writings of Ayn Rand, Stiefel sought to create a new, free-market libertarian nation in the Caribbean.

Stiefel initially purchased a motel, north of New York City, where he offered free lodgings to members of the project. The project had it's own newspaper, "The Atlantis News", and minted it's own coins, which were known as Deca's.

Eventually, the members of Operation Atlantis managed to construct a large, cement ship, which they planned to sail into international waters and use as a platform, which they would then build their island around.

In December 1971, just hours after setting sail, the boat capsized and set on fire. Eventually the crew managed to set sail again and they were able to make it to the Bahamas, however the ship would then sink after a hurricane.

Later activities

The project attempted to gain rights to the Prickly Pear Cays in Anguilla, however he was unable to pursue this much further, as Anguilla was in the process of negotiating another agreement with the British.

Stiefel then turned his attention to the Silver Shoals, a region disputed by both Haitia and the Bahamas. Eventually, though, Haiti learned of Stiefel's ambitions, and the project began to disintegrate.

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