Orangian Pacifious

"Half a Batch is Better than None"
Capital city Mugamaville
Official language(s) English, Spanish, Latin, French, Italian
Government Fledish Empire
Population 1


The Flag of Pacifious

The Republic of Pacifious was founded on May 12th 2014. On September 5th, 2014, the Republic of Pacifious became Orangian Pacifious.


The name Pacifious derived from the Latin word for Peaceful.


The President of Pacifious, India Norkphish, was the former Prime Minister of it's ally, Orange.

Government & Politics

Governor: India Norkphish

Vice President: This position is abolished.

Prime Minister: This position is abolished.

Citizen Rights

  • Voting
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Can start international trades for business purposes
  • Right to Protest against others
  • Right to be Anonymous
  • Right of Internet Use

Foreign Relations

Fledish Pacifious is represented by the Empire of Orange.


The Flag of Sarivand


The Fledish Empire is responsible for the defense of Orangian Pacifious.


Slagrovia (United States)

Sarivand (Maria Atoll)


Pacifious has a currency but no means of minting as of right now. We accept US dollars, Pounds, Orangian currency, and local system of Carinets, Krencks, and Croters.


  • National Food: Biscuits 
  • National Bird: Parakeet 


Murder in the 1st Degree (Murder of an Average Person): 10 to 15 Years Imprisonment and $675 Fledish-Pacifian Krenck Fine.

Murder in the 2nd Degree (Murder of Law Enforcer, War Veteran, or Active Duty Soldier): 15 to 25 Years Imprisonment and $1275 Fledish-Pacifian Krenck Fine.

Murder in the 3rd Degree (Murder of Politician or Minister): 25 to 35 Years Imprisonment and $1500 Fledish-Pacifian Krenck Fine.

Murder in the 4th Degree (Murder of President, Prime Minister, Vice President, or Secretary of State): Life Imprisonment or Death Penalty (Choice of Offender).

Armed Robbery: $150 Fledish-Pacifian Carinet Fine.

Mugging: $50 Fledish-Pacifian Carinet Fine

Corruption of Government: Ban of Politicial Attendence