Order of Manuel Bandeira
Order of Manuel Bandeira
Awarded by the Free Community of Pasargada
Type: Order with a single degree
Awarded For: Superlative accomplishments in behalf of Pasargada
Established: 2nd Oct 2002
Subjects: Reserved to Pasargadan citizens
Opportunity: Only in Manuel Bandeira´s Day (Apr 19)
First Awarded: 19th Apr 2009
Next (higher): None
Next (lower): National Order Ruy Barbosa

The National Order Manuel Bandeira (portuguese: Ordem Nacional de Manuel Bandeira - OMB) is the highest condecoration given in the Free Community of Pasargada.

The OMB commendation was created in october 2nd, 2002, by the 2nd Section of Condecorations Parliamentary Act - 2002. It is restricted only to active Pasargadan citizens at the time of concession.

Pasargadan law limits to a single Order to be granted per year, and only in Manuel Bandeira´s anniversary, in April 19th. The Chancellor of Pasargada is allowed to grant the Order by previously requesting Parliamentary approval, which decides favourably or not and has the last word.


Manuel Bandeira

Pasargadan Patron

Manuel Bandeira (1986-1968), brazilian writer, poet and journalist, one of the top artists in modernist movement within portuguese language, was selected since Pasargadan foundation to serve as its major Patron. He is the author of poem "Vou-me embora pra Pasárgada", which is the main symbol of the Community and also serves as its anthem. In 1940, Bandeira was elected to Brazilian Academy of Writers, occuping chair number 24. His birthday is celebrated through a communitarian official holyday in 19th April, same date the OMB is given.


1. Felipe Aron OMB, the so far sole Pasargadan to receive nation´s highest honour. He was honoured with OMB in april 19, 2009, by concession of the in-duty Chancellor Igor Ravasco, after procedural approval in Pasargadan Parliament. The motion passed with unanimous vote. He earned it due to extensive and vigorous work as Premier of Pasargada, from july 2008 to april 2009, leading the risorgimento of the lusophone power from all-in-all inactivity to again full prosperity.

" Recognizing high services in the interests of Pasargada, for his unfatigued struggle for democratic principles, one of the most relevant politicians of Pasargadan revitalization, (...) I hereby grant Felipe Aron the most honourable condecoration of Pasargada."
(Speech of Chancellor Igor Ravasco, April 19, 2009)

OMB Concession Act to Felipe Aron

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