A medel award to the Head of State allied with The Grand Barony of Voltar

Anthonis van Dyck 088

Saint Jude Paint Saint of Voltar

So far there has not been any phyical medaleian, due to the fact Baron William I has not got the resoures of a mint (which is the same reason Voltar has yet to produce coins)

Baron William I is awarded as Archduke of the Order (A.D.O.)

King Danny Clarke I of the Dale Empire as Duke of the Order (D.O.)

Emperor Felix I of the Empire of Arboria as Lord of the Order (L.O.)

Racks include:

  • Duke/ Duchess of the Order (D.O.) Yellow Riddion
  • Lord/ Lady of the Order (L.O.) Blue Riddion
  • Count/ Countess of the Order (C.O.) White Riddion

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