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The Most Noble Order of the Rose is the oldest and most senior chilvaric order in the Principality of Gallonesia created in secret by the first monarch, Prince Owen I on the 30th June 2013, a day after the founding of the Grand Duchy.


The order was founded by Prince Owen I in secret in order to honour members of supreme royal devotion. The declaration of founding was signed on the 30th June 2013. Currently there are only two members of the order, there is a maximum quota of 5 currently.



Sovereign: Prince Owen I


  • Sir Rhodri Evans KR
  • Dame Janice Evans KR

Foreign Members

Foreign members (usually heads of state/heads of government) are installed with a maximum quota of 5 who have been recoginised for their political work. They are entitled to the post-nominal KR but cannot use the title of Sir or Dame/Lady. There are currently no foreign members.

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