Orenburg language
Arinburskî jizyk / Аринбурскі јизык

Template:Country data Duchy of Orenburg National Flag.jpg Duchy of Orenburg regional language
Total speakers >=3
Language family Slavic
Language type inflected
Regulated by Vołhota Community

Orenburg language, Orenburgian language or Orenburg variant/dialect of Russian language (Russian: Orenburgskij jazyk, Orenburgskij varíant russkogo jazyka, Orenburgian Latin: Arinburskî jizyk, Arinburskî varjant ruskəva jizyka, Cyrillic: Аринбурскі јизык, Аринбурскі варјант рускъва јизыка) is a regional dialect of Russian (Vołhota community claims it as separate language) spoken in the Duchy of Orenburg. The first script used for it is Cyrillic, however the Latin orthography was adopted on August 8, 2010 and is now used along with the Cyrillic script.



The Orenburgian Latin alphabet is as follows:

Aa, Ää, Bb, Cc, ‍Çç, Dd, Ee, Əə, Ff, Gg, Hh, Xx, Ii, Îî, Jj, Kk, Ll, Łł, Mm, Nn, Ŋŋ, Oo, Öö, Pp, Rr, Ss, Şş, Ŝŝ, Tt, Uu, Ŭŭ, Üü, Vv, Ww, Yy, Zz, Ẓẓ

  • Instead of ŋ, ñ or ņ can be used.
  • Alternative for ə is ǎ
  • Additional symbols: ı (palatalization), ɫ (double-L)


Here are the letters of Cyrillic Orenburgian:

Аа Бб Вв Гг Ғғ Дд Ее Жж Зз Ii Ии Jj Кк Лл Мм Нн Ңң Оо Пп Рр Сс Тт Уу Фф Хх Цц Чч Шш Щщ Ыы Ьь Ъъ

The letters Ғ Ң were adopted on August 12, 2010, the other ones on September 13, 2009 during preparation to declare independence.

Current status

Although this language has got 'regional language' status in Duchy of Orenburg, nowadays the Duke proposes to make it co-official throughout the country. The main argument against that is that Orenburgian language is currently under development by "Freedom" regionalists community In Orenburgian this community name is Vołhota/Вольғота.

On August 14, 2010 the first translation into Orenburgian by Vołhota community members.

About the language

Despite Russian, using phonematical principle, the Orenburgian correctly reflects what is really pronounced. compare: the word pronounced ['aʃ] (even) in Russian is written , in Orenburgian .

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