Organization for the Development and Securing of Diplomatic Bonds (ODSDB)
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Headquarters ODSDB (upcoming)

Official language(s) English

Membership 2

Secretary-General Enrique Cruz-Yan

Foundation June 10, 2016
Websites Upcoming

The Organization for the Development and Securing of Diplomatic Bonds, commonly abbreviated to the ODSDB, is an intermicronational union and organization which is dedicated to the securing of diplomatic ties between new nations. Its goals are to secure bonds between the newer nations of the community, so that they can later emerge into the greater micronational world as more adapted and experienced, while also securing lasting ties of diplomacy and friendship to each other. It is also to improve the ability of micronationalists to communicate with one another.

Above all, to avoid pressure, members are not required to recognize each other. The ODSDB is meant to guide nations and not force them into relations with some nations that they may not want relations with. Although it highly encourages at least recognition between all members, it is not mandatory.


The ODSDB was originally named the United Micronations League under Juan Tuguegarao of Godvikingsland. When Tuguegarao resigned and handed over his title to Enrique Cruz-Yan, Cruz-Yan reformed the organization, giving rise to a new goal and purpose to the UML.