Organization of Micronations (English:): Organization of Micronations
Headquarters: [1]
Official Languages: English, French and Spanish
Membership: 6 members
(Official) July 28, 2013
Website: Official Site
Founder: Kingdom of Jerusalem
General Secretary: Jose Garcia

Organization of Micronations is a intermicronational organization founded on July 28, 2013. The Organization of Micronations was established with the idea of encouraging activity in various micronations, well as bringing diplomatic positions and organize sports events, games and commerce.


How to join

You apply at the OM's website (on the info panel) and click on the icon for the form. Fill it out. then wait for the Committee to make it's decision.


The Kingdom of Jerusalem made contact with some micronations, their idea was to promote the activity. After few conversations on social networks, all agreed to create a intermicronational organization.

When viewing the failures that had taken other organizations, on July 28, 2013 was agreed for the Organization of Micronations democratic internal structure where any micronation would require be involved in any event organized.

Government and politics

The OM has a unicameral Parliament, where each member has a seat.

In Parliament the Secretary General is elected for a term of six months, he represent the Organization in diplomatic functions. The Secretary-General appoints administrators of the website.

All the changes in the website or suggestions for parties and events of the Secretary General are queried in Parliament, where the members of the organization they decide.

Law and order

The OM establishes the basic requirement for its members implement the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and have a democratic government.

The OM does not interfere with any internal affair of either of their members, they have independence to chart their own laws.

Foreign relations

The OM can have intermicronational diplomatic relations with other organizations, representing and defending the interests of its members in any agreement.

The OM does not interfere with the diplomacy of its members who are independent to decide with which entities have diplomacy.


All members of the OM are military allies, and pledge to defend each other if attacked.

Geography and climate

The OM has the basic requirement that any member has claims on real territories, nonfiction, nor out of Planet Earth.


The OM aims to facilitate free trade among its members, favoring the development of independent markets.


The OM aims to facilitate the cultural development of all its members, with cultural events in literature, music and cinema.

The OM aims to keep museums and libraries with free access for all members and also for tourists from other micronations.


The OM is also an independent newspaper where to find current events about micronations worldwide.

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