Orthodox Party of Ashukovo
Православная Партия Ашуково
Leader Edward Jacobs
Founded May 25, 2013
Headquarters Džoltovolk
Newspaper The Mirolian Times
Membership 10
Ideology Centrism, Statism, Pan-Slavism, Patriotism
National affiliation Ashukovo flag Ashukov Federation
Official colours Blue, Red, White
Ashukov Federation
Ashukovo arms.png

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The Orthodox Party of Ashukovo (commonly referred to as the OPA) is a centrist Ashukov party. It was established on May 25, 2013 upon the foundation of Ashuokovo.

The Orthodox Party is not affiliated with any regional party. It holds 3 seats in the Federal Assembly of Ashukovo. The party's current leader is Edward Jacobs, his deputy being Jacob Huff.